It got colder in January. However, according to experts, much colder weather awaits our country in the coming days. So much so that this frosty weather even has its own name: “The Merciless Cold of Fifty.” So, what is the inexorable cold of the fiftieth anniversary, why does it have such an interesting name, and when will it begin? Here’s what you need to know about the harshest winter times, the relentless cold of fifty…

Turkey met 2023 with cold weather, but it will get colder in the coming days

So if you do not want to get sick due to frost in the coming days, you should be much more careful. Because black winter is really at the door! The weather, referred to as “the merciless cold of the fiftieth anniversary”, is said to soon begin to make itself felt, and the cold will gradually intensify.

What is the merciless cold of the fiftieth anniversary?

Ruthless; In general, it is used in the meanings of relentless, ruthless, cruel, intolerant, cruel, and cruel. The weather, the effect of which we will begin to feel in the coming days, is for this reason called the pitiless cold of fifty. It is known that this name arose as a result of many years of observation of people who lived in the past, and that the “ancients” used the expression “relentless fifty” to refer to the coldest periods of winter.

Relentless fifty cold lasts 50 days

ruthless fifty cold

Ahmet Köse, chairman of the editorial board of the Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chambers (TMMOB) and high meteorological engineer, claims that the merciless cold of the fifties continued uninterruptedly for 50 days, as its name suggests. After all, the name “relentless” comes from both the freezing weather and the long duration.

Kose, about the cold weather that is expected in the coming days, “These days are called the relentless fifty because of the incessant cold. 10 days at the end of the black winter, 31 days on earth, 9 days at the beginning of the difficulty, 50 days in total” uses expressions.

Relentless Fifties will take effect on January 11

ruthless fifty cold

According to Kose, under normal conditions, the start date of the relentless cold of the fifties is January 4th. However, this year the cold will start on January 11th due to a high pressure effect called “omega blockade”.

It is useful to be careful against a wave of cold air.

ruthless fifty cold

Because the relentless fifty is not like the common cold! After cold weather at other times lasts for days or weeks, it gives way to warm weather influenced by winds or storms. However, the colds that are called the relentless fifty-year-olds last much longer, are harsh and harsh. That’s why an increase in black winter measures from January 11th can help you survive relentless frostbite with minimal damage.

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