Hot Head, the highly anticipated new series on the digital platform Netflix, recently met with viewers. The series, directed by Mert Baikal, is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Hot Head, the first dystopian work in the Turkish TV series industry, brings a striking theme to the screen with a huge cast. A series about an epidemic that spreads through communication and how the whole world is dealing with this epidemic opens the door to an amazing scenario. We wanted to take a closer look at the Netflix production that brings a new perspective to the Turkish TV series industry by tasting the untested. Who are Hot Head players? What is the Hot Head theme? How can an epidemic spread through communication change the world? Interesting details about the series, which consists of only 8 episodes, are waiting for you below.

Hot Head manages to block everyone on screen in new Netflix dystopian series

After a long and serious filming process, the production met with the audience on December 2 on the digital platform Netflix.

Mert Baikal is the director of the series based on the novel of the same name by Afshin Kum.

Osman Sonant stars in the series with the character of Murat Siyavush.

The protagonist of the series Murat Siyavush is a linguist. Siavush does not get sick, despite all the stigma he is subjected to. However, the effect that they describe as “extremely high temperature” is repeated in our character’s mind. Of course, Siyavush wants to find a way out of this situation and starts telling a story. Hence the definition of Hot Head, which gave the name to the book, as well as the series!

It should also be said that the amazing cast is almost integrated into the series, but who is in it?

The cast of the series has the main names. Successful names that have achieved perfect harmony with the series are the following:

  • Haluk Bilginer
  • Khazal Subashi
  • Sevket Koruh
  • Tilbe Saran
  • Gonja Wuslateri
  • Ozgur Emre Yildirim
  • star of the world
  • Arda Anarat
  • Furqan Crowd
  • Kubilay Tunser
  • Erdem Akakche
  • Sebnem Hasanisogi
  • Cuneyt Uzunlar
  • Zerrin Schumer
  • Hakan Real
  • Feriha Eyuboglu

Describing an epidemic spreading through communication, “Hot Head” wows audiences with its vibrant storytelling style and scenes.

Think about it, you are facing a terrible disease that is spreading from ear to ear! What would you feel…

The series mentions ARDS, a disease that spreads through communication and turns into a worldwide epidemic.

People exposed to tampons, after a while, begin to “resolve”, that is, become infected. And the disease worsens and infection begins.

People who start talking incessantly, making up meaningless phrases to each other at once, try to protect themselves from this disease by wearing headphones.

We see people infected with the disease and trying to protect themselves from the disease wear headphones throughout the series.

Hot Head remembers 8 years after scurvy became epidemic

The Netflix original series Hothead is about a dystopian communication sickness. The series reflects on the screen what happened 8 years after the bite turned into an epidemic.

We invite you to watch the series without unnecessary spoilers about Hot Head, one of the most interesting and extraordinary works in the industry.

Hot Head, let’s face it, one of the most interesting and unusual works of Turkish production! How would you feel if you had scurvy?

Here you can find all the curiosities about Wednesday’s Netflix production, the first four episodes of which are directed by world-famous director Tim Burton.

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