The fact that our national women’s volleyball team achieves new successes every day leads to an increase in interest in volleyball in our country. As such, some questions arise in the minds of new volleyball observers. The most curious of these is “Why do liberos wear a different jersey in volleyball?” It is happening. When a player who wears different colors on volleyball teams became curious, we decided to explain. In this list, we have compiled answers to the most curious questions like what is a libero in volleyball, what player wears a different jersey in volleyball, and why he wears a different jersey in volleyball.

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What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a game in which two teams of six players compete on a court divided by a net. The object of the game is to send the ball into the opposing team’s court so that it touches the ground and prevent the opposing team from doing the same. Players on a team must touch at least once in their own area before the ball is sent into the opposing team’s territory. Each team may touch the ball up to three times, with blocking contact, and they have the right to touch the ball four times.

A total of three groups are played in volleyball. In the event of a tie, the total number of sets will be a maximum of 5. The team that scores 25 points wins the set. If 24-24 is tied, then the number of combinations will be extended to 26. Now that we have learned about volleyball, let’s find out what a libero is in volleyball.

What is the libero in volleyball?

Libero in volleyball

Defenders who alternate with the middle player in volleyball and wear a jersey of the opposite color of their team are called liberos. Usually the shortest player on the field becomes the free player. Libero’s task is to remove low balls that are thrown into the pool and receive the serve.

In other words, the answer to the question of what do you call a player who wears a different jersey in volleyball is a libero.

Why are different jerseys worn in volleyball?

Libero in volleyball

While all players on a volleyball team wear the same color jersey, one wears a different color jersey than the others. This player, who wears a different color shirt, is the libero, who is known as the sixth player in the team. A libero usually wears a jersey of the opposite color to his team and unlike other players has an “L” next to his name on the list. This is indicated by the letter L to indicate that the player cannot be used for a different task within the game. The reason a free player wears a different color shirt is to make it easier for him to be noticed by the other players. It is sometimes said that the reason a libero wears a jersey of different colors is aesthetic perception. Liberos can wear the opposing team’s colors.

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