The Güneş Motel Incident is one of the most memorable events in Turkish political history. So, what is the Güneş Motel event that we have heard about many times in the political history of our country? What happened at the Gunesh Motel in 1977? Let’s look at the details together.

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What is the Sun Motel?

Güneş Motels (known to the public as Güneş Motel) was once a glittering property in Florya, Istanbul, among the most popular tourist destinations. In fact, Güneş Motel was a well-known business that showed many popular Turkish films in the second half of the 1970s. The incident that took place here points to the event of a large-scale movement of deputies in Turkish politics in 1977. The importance of the Motel Gunes event for Turkish politics is due to the fact that the leader of the CHP, Bulent Ecevit, held a meeting with deputies from the Justice Party (AP) in this hotel in order to form a government.

When did the incident at the Sun Motel take place?

solar motel

Now let’s go back a little into the history of Turkish politics. The CHP received over 41 percent of the vote in the 1977 elections. However, only 213 seats won by the party in parliament were not enough to take power. When the CHP failed to form a government with 227 votes in favor, it formed a joint government with Suleiman Demirel, leader of the Justice Party, with the participation of the National Salvation Party and the Nationalist Movement Party: II. Government of the National Front. However, when the CHP won the local elections held on 11 December 1977, with the rise of Ecevit’s popularity, the balance in parliament began to tilt in favor of the CHP. However, the CHP did not have a majority to gain a vote of confidence by forming a government on its own. The incident at the Sun Motel also made headlines!

What’s happened?

solar motel

The meetings, which originally took place between Ecevit and 11 former members of the European Parliament, took place on December 22 at the Bayramoglu Hotel in Darica. However, it was decided to hold the meetings in a different setting, since the meetings were carefully hidden, but leaked to the press. The negotiations continued at Güneş Motels in Florya, which belonged to the municipality, organized by the CHP of Istanbul Mayor Aytekin Kotil.

These MEPs took office in the 42nd Turkish government to be created by Ecevit in exchange for supporting the no-confidence question posed to Demirel’s 5th government and a vote of confidence in the new government to be formed by Bulent Ecevit. On the other hand, Ecevit’s creation of a translation-oriented cabinet caused great unrest within the party, and the Güneş motel incident, which Ecevit spoke about years later, was my biggest political mistake, thus his name was written on the pages of history. .

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