Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. So much so that it is very popular in many countries of the world. Even in our country, it is receiving more and more attention every day. As such, many sports fans wonder what tennis is and how it is played. We told you what tennis is, what are its types, how to play tennis, and what are the rules of tennis. First of all, let’s start by answering the question of what tennis is.

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What is tennis?

Tennis is an Olympic sport played between two players or two teams with a racket and a ball. Players attempt to throw a hollow rubber ball over the net(s) into the opponent’s court(s) with their rackets. The player with the most points within the rules wins. Tennis is played on a rectangular court, usually on a concrete (hard), clay (earth), grass, or wooden surface. In professional tennis, courts must be built to certain dimensions.

The game, which has its roots in a hand game in France in the Middle Ages, but began to be played in England in the nineteenth century, and is very close to today, it is spread mainly in English-speaking countries. Today tennis is considered an Olympic sport and has players of all levels, all ages and all countries.

Now that we know what tennis is, let’s see how it is played and what are the rules.

How is tennis played?

What is tennis

Tennis is played on a rectangular court, with two players facing each other or teams of two each. The players stand facing each other on opposite sides of the net in the middle of the court and try to pass the ball over the net into the opponent’s court by hitting the ball with their rackets. The goal is to hit the ball so that the opponent cannot reach the ball.

The game begins with one of the athletes serving. Serves are made from outside the court, lining up with the area to the right of the court’s midfield first. The person receiving the service also stops at the slanted area. The person using the service must throw it into the intersection area. The lines defining these areas are not the outer line of the field, but the inner lines. If the server misses, throws the ball into the net, or fails to land where it should be, it is a foul. If the foul is repeated twice in a row, the opposite side scores a point.

If the ball of the serving player hits the net and lands in the opponent’s court, this is not considered a foul and the serve is repeated. In such cases, neither party can score points. After the game has started, if the ball hits the top of the net and lands on the opposite court, the game continues. If the ball bounces more than twice during the game, the score is written to the batsman. If the ball falls, the score is written on which side should receive the ball. If the ball hits the net and lands on the same side, it is written as a number on the other side.

What are the rules of tennis?

What is tennis

The game begins with choosing the parties on the field and flipping a coin to decide who will serve the starter. Tennis matches are played in 3 sets or 5 sets. The player who gets 2 combinations in 3 combinations and 3 combinations in 5 combinations wins the match. 6 matches are played for one set. Matches start at 0-0 and players reach 15-30-40 points respectively on each number and continue. If the match is 40-40, the side that scores is not considered to have won the game, it is considered to have gained an advantage. The side that gets an extra point on top of the advantage wins the game. If the situation is 5-5 in games, the group goes to overtime.

The basic rule of tennis is to throw the ball over or near the net on the opponent’s court. A point is scored if the opponent fails to catch the ball and it bounces twice, if the ball touches the tennis racket twice or if it touches the opponent’s body, if the opponent throws the ball out or if it gets caught in the net when he hits it.

If the ball touches the opponent’s court, but bounces back into the batsman’s court over the net after bouncing off the ground due to his kicking technique, the score is charged to the player who kicked the ball.

Since tennis balls wear out after each hit, they are replaced after a certain match.

If the player touches the net, a point is awarded to the opponent.

Information about the tennis court

What is tennis

The professional tennis court is rectangular in shape and measures 23.77 meters in length and 10.97 meters in width. The width of the singles event is 8.23 ​​metres. The playing field is divided in the middle by a net (mesh) suspended on a steel wire or wire passed over two poles 1.07 meters high. The net must be so tight, so perfectly filled between the posts, and so tightly woven that no ball can pass through. The middle height of the net is 0.914 metres, and the height and tension of the net is adjusted by a “middle bar” which is fixed to the ground by passing over the steel wire that holds the net. The steel wire on the net shall be covered with a strip (mesh strip), and the net strip and the middle strip shall be all white. File rules include:

  • The diameter of the steel wire or wire should not exceed 0.8 cm.
  • The width of the net strip in the middle should be 5cm at most.
  • The width of the mesh strip shall not be less than 5cm and not less than 6.35cm from both sides of the steel wire downwards.

The lines defining the width of the playing fields are called boundary lines. The name of the small mark in the middle of these is the line of renunciation. The thickness of these lines is 5 cm.

What are the types of tennis?

Ping pong

There are many types of tennis that are played with rackets and balls in many countries of the world. The most popular after tennis courts are:

  • Ping pong
  • pumpkin
  • tennis racket

Ping pong

Table tennis (ping pong) is a game that is played on a table with a net in the middle, where two or four players throw the ball to each other. To play table tennis, you first need a rectangular table. The surface of the table tennis table becomes dark and dull. The color of the table tennis ball must be orange or white.


Squash is a type of racket sport played by two players (four players in pairs) with a racket and a ball. The field on which you play is similar to a closed cube with one side open. This court is of smaller dimensions than a regular tennis court, its floor is parquet and its walls are made of gypsum or special wood. It is similar to tennis in terms of the clothes and the racket, but the squash ball has smaller dimensions than the tennis ball and is made of rubber. It is 4cm in diameter and 24g in weight. There is a drop of liquid in the ball.

tennis racket

Padel tennis is a racquet sport that is played in pairs on an indoor court that is slightly smaller than a doubles tennis court. Scoring is the same as in regular tennis and the balls used are similar, but they are played with a little less force.

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