Recently, enchanting profile photos adorn the accounts of many social network users. Millions of people can create their perfect avatar thanks to an app called Lensa AI. With Lensa AI, people can transform into an elf, an anime character, a medieval warrior, a handsome prince or a beautiful princess. On the other hand, there is almost no limit to the avatars that can be created using the application, that is, the forms that people can transform into. Because Lensa AI is an open source artificial intelligence application. The app is also gaining attention on social media with its popularity in a short time and more and more people are using it every day. But there are also serious dangers that can arise with the application! However, people who haven’t used the app yet are wondering what is Lensa AI, how to use Lensa AI and is it free? Let’s look at the details together…

Lensa AI is an app developed by Prisma Labs.

“What is Lens AI?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of the last period. Basically a photo and video editing app, Lensa AI has been around since 2018. However, over the past few months, the application has gained incredible popularity. Millions of people started using the app by downloading it to their mobile phones in late November and early December.

The reason why the app has become so popular lately is the feature added to the app called “Magic Avatars”. Before the advent of the Magic Avatars feature, Lensa, like many photo editing apps, allowed users to perform basic photo editing. However, the AI-powered Magic Avatars feature has made the app very popular lately.

Lensa AI creates stunning visuals with its Magic Avatars feature.

lens ai

With this feature, users can get flawless visuals with various themes. The app is especially preferred for creating profile photos that look like a work of art. So how is Lensa AI used? Based on a machine learning model called Stable Diffusion, the app processes real user photos and creates magical images.

Thus, it can create incredible visual effects from written commands. In this way, people can have very beautiful and realistic looking photos, or rather avatars, in different themes. To have these avatars, 10 to 20 selfies need to be uploaded to the app. Artificial intelligence will take care of the rest. Some experts claim that the artificial intelligence technology used by the application is extremely effective.

Is Lensa AI free?

lens ai

Short answer: no. You must pay a fee to use the app with unlimited access. However, when you download the app for the first time, you can try it for free for one week.

In this context, the application allows its users to create 10 images in 5 different categories. In other words, you can have 50 different avatars in total without paying a fee. However, in order to create many more images in many other categories, you must use the paid version of the application.

There are also some dangers that have come to the fore with an app that has become incredibly popular lately!

lens ai

It turns out that an artificial intelligence app that creates avatars from its users’ selfies can also be used to create pornographic images without their consent! In fact, the application does not allow nudity and the creation of pornographic images. However, it is claimed that some users have managed to bypass the filters that Lensa uses to detect nudity. In other words, thanks to some changes made to the images uploaded to the app, the Lensa nudity radar can be avoided…

Experts say that in this way attackers can create pornographic images using photographs of people. Nude avatars of many famous names have already been created using the app. However, some experts believe that this application is not enough to keep data safe. Both data security concerns and the fact that images containing nudity can be created raise the question of whether Lensa is a safe application.

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