Recently, the People’s Alliance has taken remarkable steps to “expand”. The main element of the alliance, the AKP, met with HUDA PAR in recent days and it was stated that the party, whose name was mentioned along with the Hezbollah terrorist organization, may join the People’s Alliance in the future. In the second phase of expansion, the AKP held a meeting with the Prosperity Again Party (YRP). However, this meeting between the two sides became the subject of serious discussion due to some elements of the content of the meeting.

The YRP Delegation gave the AKP Delegation a 30-item request list as a condition for joining the alliance. Among the 30 articles were also articles such as “voting to repeal the Istanbul Convention in the Turkish Grand National Assembly” and expanding the scope of Law No. 6284, “excluding provisions that violate the integrity of the family.” The SEP delegation was said to have responded to the YRP’s demands with “no problem”. In short, after the meeting between the SEP and the YRP, Law No. 6284 has once again become an important item on the agenda. Well, let’s see what the law is about and what it contains.

Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence against Women regulates the measures to be taken to protect women, children, family members and victims of persecution and prevent violence against them.

The law passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on March 8, 2012 was published in the Official Gazette on March 20, 2012 and entered into force.

The law was back on the agenda after a delegation led by AKP Deputy Chairman Binali Yildirim met with Welfare Party Chairman Fatih Erbakan.

Law No. 6284

Because during the meeting, the YRP gave the AKP delegation a 30-point list of requirements as a condition for joining the alliance. Among the demands are a vote on the abolition of the Istanbul Convention in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the repeal of the provisions of Law No. 6284 that “violate the integrity of the family.”

Moreover, YRP Vice Chairman Doğan Aydal announced that they had received a “no problem” response from the AKP in response to their demands. Binali Yıldırım, on the other hand, stated that they made “just courtesy visits” to the YRP and did not discuss the details of Law No. 6284.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, presidential candidate of the Alliance of Nations, made a statement on his Twitter account in connection with the reappearance of Law No. 6284.

Kilicdaroglu said:I want to appeal to conservative young women. We have freed ourselves from everything oppressive, we have democratized. They took on their side the most oppressive. The one who declared war on the law to prevent violence against women was made an alliance partner. We will not allow your achievements and freedoms to be destroyed.” used phrases.

Derya Yanik, Minister for Family Affairs and Social Services, said:In our opinion, it is unacceptable that even its existence is open to discussion.he said

Law No. 6284

In a social media statement, Janik said that women’s rights and combating violence against women have been the AKP’s red line for 20 years and that they have taken various legal measures to protect women.

In a related statement, Janick said: “Law No. 6284 is one of the most important pieces of legislation we have passed to combat violence against women. Since the adoption of the law, we continue to carefully monitor the improvement of the application. His existence in spirit and the existence of Law No. 6284 is extremely important. In our opinion, it is unacceptable that even its existence is open to discussion.“he decided.

HUDA PAR also supports YRP demand

Law No. 6284

Announcing that they will support Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the May 14 elections and are expected to formally join the People’s Alliance in the coming days, HUDA PAR supported the change to Law No. 6284. Chairman Zekeria Yapıcıoğlu said:We have previously told the press that the Istanbul Convention puts match water at the heart of the family and that although the title of Law No. 6284 is the Family Protection Law, it does not prevent violence.” made a statement.

The YRP’s demand to amend Law No. 6284 met with a reaction from many sectors of society.

Law No. 6284

The Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey shared on Twitter:The government is playing against the camaraderie of the Taliban! Law No. 6284 guarantees the right to life of the women of this country. In this process, the citizen, who is the owner of the party inherited from his father, says what he said after the Istanbul Convention. He proposes proposals that will not necessarily pose a danger to women.‘ made a statement.

Gulsum Kav, General Spokesperson of We Will Stop the Femicidal Platform, also criticized YRP’s response.

Law No. 6284

Kav through your social media account”Read the terms of participation, full-fledged misogyny! But we women will send you” used phrases.

The Women’s Platform for Equality, on the other hand, stated:Election talks are about women’s lives; No voice for those who yearn for 6284, for those who forgive insults, and for those who ignore women! The alliance with Hüda-Par and Re-Welfare is not only an attack on the 6284, but also on women’s right to life.‘ made a statement.

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