Unidentified flying objects in the shape of balloons, which have appeared in recent days in different parts of the United States, have become an important item on the agenda not only in the country, but throughout the world. The United States shot down four unidentified flying objects in different regions. However, there is still not enough information about what these objects really are, for what and by whom they are used. For this reason, these unidentified flying balloons are at the center of many conspiracy theories. According to some reports, aliens are behind the flying balls! According to some reports, flying balloons hover in the sky as a result of recent reconnaissance wars. Well, let’s see what is known about the mysterious vehicles of the last period, flying balloons…

Recently, a “great white circle” appeared in the sky over Billings, Montana, USA.

To the bewilderment of the townspeople, no one had a satisfactory explanation for what that hovering circle in the sky was. According to some reports, an unidentified flying saucer was sent to Earth by aliens and it was impossible to know what it was used for. According to some reports, the Chinese were behind the flying saucer, who were trying to collect intelligence. Although it is not known where it came from and for what purpose, the flying saucer was shot down by US forces. But this large white circle was not the last of the unidentified flying saucers in the US.

The United States announced that in a short time 4 unidentified flying saucers were shot down in different parts of the country.

Remains of a dropped balloon

The appearance of these mysterious objects in different parts of the country in a short time meant only one thing, according to some, an alien invasion began … So were these flying objects really the first stage of an alien invasion?

Asked if the unidentified objects were aliens or aliens, Glen VanHerke, commander in chief of US Northern Forces, said:I don’t rule out the possibility at this stage.he answers

However, VanHerk claims that not much is known about flying objects, but there is no evidence that these objects pose any threat. On the other hand, John Tester, Democratic senator for Montana, where the objects of interest first appeared, said:What has happened in the last two weeks is just crazy.“he uses. But despite the authorities’ interesting explanations about flying objects, there are several plausible explanations for what these objects actually are.

It was announced that the flying object shot down in the province of Montana was a reconnaissance balloon belonging to China.

flying balloons

China denies that the balloon was used for espionage. Chinese officials say the balloon in question is a weather observation device that has gone off course. However, there was no clear explanation as to what the other three flying objects that appeared in the US sky actually were.

While some officials claim that these balloons were also used for espionage activities, some experts believe there is no evidence, so the balloons may be civilian vehicles. However, the lack of clear information about hot air balloons causes “aliens” speculation in the country. On the other hand, the US Army is said to be on alert against flying balloons.

Flying balloons have been used to gather intelligence since the 18th century.

However, today flying balloons are not among the common tools of espionage and intelligence activities. Because today this activity is carried out with the help of high-tech satellites.

Christoph Blat, professor of international relations and security at the University of Bradford, said:Balloons are playing a less important role lately because we have extremely advanced satellite technology that can detect very, very small objects on the ground.” uses expressions. China, on the other hand, is the country with the largest satellite surveillance network after the US, with almost 300 satellites.

Why are flying balloons still being used despite being a relatively old technology?

flying balloons

Blut, on the recent reconnaissance activities of flying balloons,The details you can see from above depend on distance, and satellites are much taller than balloons. So while satellite technology is advanced, the closer you get, the better.” uses expressions. In addition, a typical reconnaissance balloon usually has equipment that can collect radar information or communications, and cameras that can take pictures.

This makes it easier to access detailed information about the target region. Satellites are constantly moving in a certain orbit. For this reason, in most cases it is not possible to focus on a particular region and collect detailed information about the respective region.

Why did flying balloons cause an ‘alien panic’?

flying balloons

First, the cryptic statements by the US authorities have contributed greatly to the alien panic both in the US and in the world. Juliana Suess of the Royal United Services Institute says people lack information about the world’s intelligence wars, which is why Chinese flying balloons are causing panic.

Stating that “when people don’t see intelligence gathering devices, they don’t think much about them,” Suess said of the matter.I think people forget how many satellites there are and how many pictures they take and collect information every day.” uses expressions.

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