We have prepared a detailed article that will serve as a guide for those who wonder what HTS records are and what they do, which we often hear about in everyday life and in the news. HTS is one of the terms that we can hear in many events that have been on Turkey’s agenda and reported in recent years. Since the HTS records can be presented as evidence in a court decision, “the HTS records appeared.” It is possible that you will hear such phrases. In particular, HTS records may be requested on certain events affecting the political atmosphere, and interrogation records may be reviewed by the courts from time to time. In this article, we will answer questions such as HTS recording, HTS recording, and HTS signal.

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What are HTS records?

HTS records, which is an abbreviation of Historical Traffic Search, which in Turkish is expressed as “feedback traffic”, all calls made on individual phone lines, as well as received and sent SMS and mobile data such as Internet connection, are sent to base station through phones inserted in the SIM card. This is a record of other transactions made while connected. As a result of certain situations, transcripts of these records may be requested and viewed.

What does the HTS report mean?

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HTS reports, on the other hand, are documents that indicate when, where, and from which base station calls, SMS, and other transactions were made through the base station. Courts may request HTS reports to assess certain crimes or cases of innocence.

As a result of this situation, it is possible to obtain evidence of events by looking at the times and places where telephone lines were received, and this evidence may affect estimates. Recording telephone conversations is another matter.

HTS report types have different content within them. Follow-up action on the signal can be carried out based on the investigation of the location, and can also be requested by the courts in the relevant institutions for the study of interrogation records. If anyone involved in the relevant cases requests a revision of the record of the interrogation, the court must decide whether this request will be granted. The courts reserve the right to refuse such requests if they deem it necessary.

When can an HTS registration be requested?

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a) As stated in the Turkish Penal Code:

  • Offenses related to the smuggling of immigrants and human trafficking (articles 79, 80)
  • The crime of intentional murder (Articles 81, 82, 83)
  • Torture crimes (Articles 94, 95)
  • Sexual offenses (Article 102, except for paragraph 1-)
  • Crimes related to sexual abuse of children (Article 103)
  • Qualified theft and looting (Article 142) (Articles 148, 149)
  • Offenses related to the manufacture and sale of drugs or stimulants (Article 188)
  • Counterfeiting crime money (Article 197)
  • Cases of prostitution (Article 227)
  • Bid-rigging offense (Section 235)
  • Bribery (Article 252)
  • Cases on money laundering (Article 282)
  • Violation of the unity of the state and territorial integrity (Article 302)
  • Violation of the constitutional order and its functioning (Articles 309, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316)
  • Disclosure of state secrets and espionage (Articles 328, 329, 330, 331, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337)

b) Arms smuggling offenses defined in the law on firearms, knives and other tools (art. 12)

c) the offense of embezzlement, as defined in Article 22 of the Banking Law.

d) Offenses defined in the anti-smuggling law and requiring imprisonment

e) Offenses under sections 68 and 74 of the Law for the Preservation of Cultural and Natural Property.

How do I get an HTS registration, can I access my HTS records?

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HTS reports can only be accessed by ships requesting HTS records from their respective departments. In some cases, judges may allow the production of these protocols at the discretion of the prosecutor, referring to the current progress of the case. However, in any case, it is not possible to obtain an HTS record or access HTS records unless a lawsuit is pending and a decryption of the HTS records is requested by authorized persons during that lawsuit.

In short, you cannot access your own HTS report or anyone else’s HTS report without a court order. However, you have the right to request from your carrier some documents that are similar in content to HTS reports, although they are not as detailed as HTS reports.

You can request your past phone records by centrally contacting local customer service operators such as Turkcell, Vodafone, Türk Telekom. You will be given a document that contains only the telephone numbers of the lines that you call and call you, in semi-censored form, and shows the time of these calls. Unlike your HTS records, this document does not include your received and sent SMS, internet usage and location information.

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