Due to the controversial innovations of Twitter CEO Elon Musk and the problems he has with employees, many users have turned to alternative Twitter applications. Hive Social, an alternative to Twitter, has become very popular lately. Due to the uncertainties that arose on Twitter, many users switched to Hive Social. Therefore, we have explained to you what Hive Social is. Here is the answer to the question, what is Hive Social.

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What is Hive Social?

Founded by Cassandra Pop in 2019, Hive Social offers an easy-to-understand and unusual interface for the user. While its Twitter-patterned interface isn’t unique among competing social media giants, its ease of access and distinctive nature puts it a step ahead of other alternatives like Mastodon.

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Cassandra Pop, founder of the app, announced that the number of Hive Social users has passed the one million mark. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, the app has grown in popularity in many countries, especially the US. Hive Social is getting a lot of attention from those leaving Twitter because of the new direction Elon Musk has brought to the social networking service.

The interface of Hive Social is more like Instagram than Twitter. The app is mainly focused on images, but there is also an option to download text messages only. In the application, in addition to photos, videos and text, you can share GIFs. In fact, the pulse of the agenda can be measured through open surveys. You can also select songs and colors to play on your profile pages.

The platform’s content rules prohibit copyright infringement, hate speech, and more. Accounts of users who do not comply with these rules will be suspended or closed.

How to register in the application?

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Hive Social, a popular social media app in recent days, is currently only available on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the web version, which can be accessed from desktop computers, has not yet been announced. On the other hand, registering in the application from mobile devices is quite simple.

  • Download Hive Social from the App Store or Play Store depending on the operating system of the device you are using.
  • Then open the app and click “Create Account”.
  • You will see two options: “Sign up with email” or “Sign up with Google”. Register using the option that is convenient for you.
  • Finally, after logging into the app, you will be asked to select according to your interests, and these interests will appear in the research section.

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