The world is full of many viruses and diseases, some of them deadly, which seriously threaten humanity. Some diseases are on the verge of oblivion thanks to medical advances. However, there are diseases that “return” at certain periods! Experts state that the number of cases of “hands, foot and mouth disease”, which is very rare in Turkey, has recently increased significantly. One of the owners of this alarming claim, child health and disease specialist Dr. K. Sawan Günay claims that the disease has exploded in the last period, and although he only encountered the disease once in his 4-year period of residence, he witnessed 20 different cases. over the past weeks. So, what is foot-and-mouth disease that children especially suffer from, what are the symptoms? Let’s look at the details together.

The hand disease, FMD, which broke out in Vietnam in 2015, was one of the “forgotten” diseases in Turkey.

The disease, which became a major public health problem in Vietnam in 2015, has spread to such an extent that it has forced the closure of schools and kindergartens. However, hand disease, foot and mouth disease has become one of the important items on the agenda, although it is very rare in Turkey and is one of the neglected diseases in our country.

Children’s Health and Diseases Specialist, village Savan Günay claims that hand disease, foot-and-mouth disease has “exploded” lately!

On this occasion Gunay said: “Although I saw 1 case in my 4 years of residency, when I saw 20 cases a week in my practice, I alerted the Ministry of Health and said please be very careful.” uses expressions. On the other hand, Günay states that although there is no evidence in the world literature that the disease, especially affecting children, occurs in adults, there are also severe cases in adults in our country.

According to Savan Gunay, the outbreak was caused by overcrowding and lack of hygiene.

Expressing that it is necessary to be careful not to face much more serious cases in the future, Günay said: “As for the noticeable increase in the number of cases,”In fact, deteriorating hygiene, crowding and uncleanliness, and not cleaning the toilets properly reinforce this.” uses expressions. On the other hand, according to Gunay, “uncontrolled migration” in recent years is one of the problems that caused the reappearance of the disease in our country.

Schools, kindergartens and swimming pools can cause the spread of the disease if the necessary hygiene conditions are not observed!

Gunay expressed his thoughts on this matter. “Collective living spaces such as schools, kindergartens and drinking contaminated pool water in the summer pose a risk of disease transmission. On the other hand, the cleaning conditions of our brothers in the earthquake zone are extremely difficult.he expresses.

However, Günay stated that there were many cases, especially in the earthquake area.There is still news from our doctor friends that there are many cases in this region. For this reason, our country must be very careful not to face cases that are sometimes very difficult.“he uses. So, what is the disease of the hands, foot-and-mouth disease, which, unfortunately, has recently affected many of our citizens?

A contagious hand disease, foot-and-mouth disease, caused by the Coxsackievirus of the enterovirus family, especially affects children under 10 years of age.

foot and mouth disease

The disease, which is more common in autumn and summer, affects different parts of the body at different levels, causing reddening of the wrists and ankles. The incubation period for FMD, which is highly contagious, ranges from 5 to 7 days.

There is no definitive cure or vaccine for this disease.

foot and mouth disease

However, in most cases, it proceeds easily and the consequences disappear on their own. On the other hand, it is indicated that people who have a disease should pay more attention to hygiene rules. According to experts, the first thing to do to prevent the disease is to pay attention to the rules of hygiene. However, it is also very important not to be in the same environment as people who are known to be ill and to avoid sharing objects.

What are the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease?

foot and mouth disease

The most common symptoms of the disease are malaise and fever. Loss of appetite, sore throat, restlessness and trouble swallowing are some of the symptoms that accompany the disease. On the other hand, chickenpox-like blisters in and around the mouth, on the arms and legs, rash and peeling in the subsequent process are some of the symptoms to consider when diagnosing the disease.

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