With the rapid spread of popular culture products through social media platforms, many new concepts have entered our lives. Drill is just one of these concepts. You may not have heard of the term “exercise music”, but you have probably heard it before. Although this musical genre is not as common as other genres, it is of great importance for those who can connect with the city mentioned in the song and lyrics. We’ve told you what you need to know about marching music. Let’s start by answering the question, what is marching music.

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What is drill music?

Drill music is a genre of trap music known for its violent and dark content. Originating in South Chicago, this subgenre of hip hop focuses on the day-to-day events and crime that take place in the city. Drill is a street slang word that refers to someone who uses an automatic weapon.

Soon after the emergence of this musical genre, drill performers began to attract the attention of large companies, and the performers and style of music received a lot of media attention. Most of the ingredients that make up Drill’s music come from an area called Dro City where gangs are active.

What does drilling music say?


Drill artists who have gone through hard times strive to tell the world about their experience through the music they make. Equality, violence prevention, liberation, political issues, and economic issues are just a few of the things that exercise music talks about. Drill, which is a much darker side of hip hop, has slower beats compared to trap music. Drill is also considered the most influential genre after trap.

Drill output


This genre of music, which attracted a lot of attention, originated in the Chicago area of ​​Draw City. Pak Man, who lives in Dro, released his song “It’s a Drill” in 2010. Many consider this song to be the beginning of marching music. Although Pac Man started exercise music, he was not the one to promote it. Because he was killed at the age of 25.

The man who continued this musical genre started by Pac Man was Chicago rapper Chief Keef. Chief Keef released his debut studio album, “Finally Rich” on December 18, 2012, and it peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200. “I Don’t Like”, in which he performed a duet with Lil Reese, became the first hit of the combat music . With this debut, Chief Keef caught the attention of other rappers in the country. Kanye West’s remix of the I Don’t Like for GOOD Music Cruel Summer compilation was a revolution for the drill. Rappers such as G Herbo, Lil Reese, and Fredo Santana were impressed by Chief Keef’s success and began creating similar styles.

Shortly thereafter, the drill became popular all over the world.

drill in uk

What is drilling music

Brixton, located south of London, is notorious for its high crime rate, as is Chicago. Influenced by drill music in 2012, a group called 150 laid the foundations of this musical genre in the UK with their own accents. While 150 is the first band that comes to mind when a workout is mentioned in the UK, 67 is the band that adapted the UK workout music.

Unknown T’s “Homerton B”, released in 2018, entered the UK Singles Chart and was the first practice-type song to do so. Then two different mixtapes of 67 entered the charts. These were the first successes of drill music in the UK, but not the last.

drill in turkey

What is drilling music

The drill spread all over the world after America and England. Especially after it became popular in Europe, it also found a place in our country. Rappers such as Organize, Lvbel C5, cakal and Batuflex support this type of music in our country. In our country, there is a lot of controversy about the drill. Many people who listen to such music in our country say that the lyrics in the song and the lives of rappers have nothing to do with each other.

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