There are many important events in the history of Turkey. In particular, political developments during the Ottoman period are still the subject of controversy. The raid of Bab Ali, which took place during the Ottoman era, is just one such important event. Historians are still debating why the Bab Ali raid happened. So what is the Bab-i Ali raid, why was it organized and who organized the Bab-i Ali raid? We’ll tell you what you need to know about this FAQ.

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What is Bab-i Ali Reid?

This raid is a military coup that took place on January 23, 1913, when members of the “Union” and “Progress”, led by Talat Bey and Enver Bey, stormed the government building of Bab-i Ali in the Ottoman Empire. During the incident, the Grand Vizier Kamil Pasha was forced to resign and the War Minister Nazim Pasha was killed. Later, the government of Mahmud Shevket Pasha was established and the Unity and Progress Committee took over.

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Why was Bab-i Ali raided?


The raid was carried out with the idea that Kamil Pasha, who led the government during the First Balkan War, would leave Edirne to the Bulgarians because of his defeat in the war and succumbing to international pressure. Kamil Pasha and his cabinet tried to solve the existing problems by political means, by concluding a truce with the Balkan states in the days when the military coup took place. The Bulgarians asked Camila Pasha to withdraw the Ottoman elements from Edirne and completely surrender the city. After that, the Committee of Union and Progress staged a coup, thinking that Kamil Pasha would give Edirne completely to the Bulgarians.

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Consequences of this event

Bab-i Ali Reid

After the raid was completed, the Committee of Unity and Progress appointed a person of their choice to the position of grand vizier. However, shortly after the raid, the Balkan states, seeing an opportunity in this turmoil, went on the offensive, and on 26 March Bulgaria succeeded in occupying Edirne. After the signing of the London Treaty on June 10, 1913, the Ottoman Empire lost all Balkan lands along the Midier-Enes line. II. With the outbreak of the Balkan War, Bulgaria was attacked, and thus the Union and Progress succeeded in recapturing Edirne.

Mahmut Shevket Pasha, who received the post of Grand Vizier after the raid, was killed in 1913. After that, the Committee of Unity and Progress crushed those who disagreed with it and got a chance to take full power. Thus, the Union and Progress took over the administration of the country, and Talat Bey was appointed Grand Vizier in 1917.

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