Aspava has become one of the most used words in recent years. Although it is quite popular in terms of usage, many people do not know the meaning of this word. Aspava actually refers to an abbreviation made up of many words. Because it is an abbreviation, its definition is unknown and becomes difficult to use. Therefore, we have told you what Aspava is, what Aspava means, and what Aspava means.

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What is Aspa?

Aspava is an abbreviation for many restaurants and restaurants. You can meet this abbreviation today, especially in places where barbecue and its varieties are made. Long before the word “aspava” was used as a restaurant name, it appeared as a concept in Yumit Deniz’s novel.

Until today, this word has been given different meanings, and places where food is eaten have been given names. There are different types of food in these places, and different names are added to Aspava’s name depending on the type of food. These places are mostly open 24/7.

Now that we know what Aspava is, let’s take a look at its extension.

What does Aspa mean?

What is Aspava

The word aspava is used today as the name of many restaurants. These restaurants usually serve doner kebab, grilled dishes and succulent dishes. Aspava’s name is preceded by different names depending on the type of food. Definition of the word Aspava; May Allah grant you health, money, pleasure, amen.

What to eat in Aspava?

What is Aspava

When the Aspava menu is mentioned, kebab or doner kebab usually comes to mind. But that’s not all. Although the doner wrap is the most ordered dish, Aspava restaurants offer all kinds of kebabs, pita bread and lahmacun.

An indispensable part of the menu is usually fried potatoes with tomato sauce, salad and tzatziki. One of the best aspects of these restaurants is that snacks are considered a treat and are unlimited. At the end of the meal, in addition to these treats, tea and semolina halva are served.

What is the best Aspava in Ankara?


There is no definite answer to the question which Aspava is the best in Ankara. Because every Aspava restaurant has things and flavors that make it special. However, let’s give some recommendations on Aspova restaurants, which are definitely worth visiting for those who are going to Ankara. Özçelik Aspava, Yıldız Aspava and the famous Gülçimen Aspava are some of the most popular Aspava restaurants in Ankara.

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