There are many religions in the world. The most famous of these are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. Many new religious movements emerged, especially from Christianity. Anglicanism, which has a very ancient history, is the most famous religious movement derived from Christianity. So much so that its history dates back to about 600 years ago. We have told you what Anglicanism is and how it arose.

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What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism, King of England VIII. This is a Christian sect founded by Henry. The institutions and doctrines of the Church of England form the basis of this denomination. The English Reform was undertaken to find a middle ground between the two major currents of Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism. At the same time, the Anglican Church is considered a Western church, and not a Protestant denomination, in terms of theology and forms of worship. However, its origin is based on the apostles, and the Catholic sect comes to the fore in liturgical practice. The spiritual center of the Anglican Church is the Archdiocese of Canterbury in Kent, England. The Archbishop of Canterbury is considered the spiritual leader of the Anglican church community.

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How did Anglicanism originate?


King VIII. After spending 18 years with his wife, Henry wanted a divorce so he could marry another woman. After that, he demanded that the pope annul his marriage, but the pope turned down the king’s request. After the response of the Pope, King VIII. Henry reformed England, nationalized the Church of England and declared himself president of that church.

However, Catholics recognized the pope, and Protestants recognized their own denomination. After that, King VIII. Henry entered the fight against those who opposed his idea. At the end of this struggle, about 70,000 people died. King VIII. After the death of Henry VI. Edward ascended the throne. VI. Edward forced the English to make everyone Protestants. VI. After Edward, Mary I ascended the throne. Mary I forced the English to convert to Catholicism. When people resisted not being Catholic, he ordered thousands of Protestants to be burned alive. Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth I, who ascended the throne after Mary I, passed an Act of Parliament in 1562 and established the Church of England. Thus, Anglicanism arose from a mixture of the Catholic and Protestant denominations.

Information about this sect, which has about 80 million members.


The Anglican Church became a colonial denomination with the expansion of the British Empire. Thus, this model began to take root in the temples of the colonies. Anglican teachings, unlike other denominations, were not born by any faith or religious tribe. The Anglican is seen as a key to faith along with a religious document. The Anglicans, who were polytheists, held the opposite way of thinking towards the Catholics. Because of this situation, 39 articles appeared. Thanks to these articles, an Anglican identity was clearly formed. As a result of the spread of Anglicanism in different countries, this denomination became apparent. The Anglican denomination is also the third largest Christian denomination in the world after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Anglicans rely on the Book of Common Prayer for guidance. In the prayer book, the main teachings of Anglicanism are set forth as the apostles, the resolutions of the Council of Nicaea, “Father, Son, Trinity of the Holy Spirit”, the Bible, votive ceremonies, daily worship, and the New Testament. teachings.

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