Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, offers a great perk called Amazon FBA to sellers who want to sell products themselves. Amazon FBA provides convenience for transactions such as storage, packaging, and shipping. Thus, the seller gets rid of many transactional burdens and focuses only on sales. So what exactly is Amazon FBA? We have answered many questions for you, such as what is Amazon FBA, how much capital is required for FBA, and is it really possible to make money with FBA. First of all, let’s start by answering the question, what is Amazon FBA.

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What is Amazon FBA?

Let’s answer a very curious question, what is Amazon FBA? Amazon Fulfillment (FBA), with its long name, provides convenience for merchants in many ways, from packaging to shipping, from storage to returns. Thus, it takes a lot of the burden off sellers and gives them more flexibility. In the Amazon FBA program, sellers who want to sell their products overseas first ship their products to Amazon warehouses. When a customer buys your product, Amazon employees prepare, package, and then ship your product. So this program completely removes the burden from the seller.

Now that we know what Amazon FBA is, let’s move on to other topics.

How does Amazon FBA work?

In this program, you can use your regular Amazon sales account as is and add your products to the Amazon FBA section with simple instructions. With just a few clicks, and of course with the help of Amazon, you will be able to grow your business cost-effectively.

  • First, sellers ship their items to Amazon warehouses. Supplies are stored in huge Amazon warehouses.
  • The products are then inventoried and sorted. When any seller’s item is damaged in Amazon warehouses, Amazon will compensate.
  • When a customer orders a product from any seller, Amazon does all the processing and the process happens automatically.
  • The goods ordered by the buyer are prepared, packaged and sent to the buyer on behalf of the seller.
  • The process does not end there, after the ordered product reaches the buyer, Amazon follows the buyer so that there are no problems with the order.

How to make Amazon FBA?


Contrary to popular belief, using the Amazon FBA service is quite simple. We have prepared the following steps for you.

First, create an Amazon seller account.

To join the Amazon FBA program, you must first create an Amazon seller account. You can start creating an Amazon seller account by clicking here.

The second step is to set up Amazon FBA.

After creating an Amazon seller account, you need to select Amazon FBA as your shipping method in the dashboard section. This option allows you to ship items via Amazon FBA.

Prepare the products you want to send

Under the Amazon FBA program, you need to prepare the products you want to sell for shipping.

Follow Amazon’s recommendations

Strictly follow Amazon’s packaging instructions, as well as shipping and routing requirements, to avoid packaging issues for your products.

The last thing you need to do is submit your products.

The final step is to ship your items to Amazon warehouses. To do this, you need to agree with the courier. You can choose courier companies such as UPS, DHL and FedEx, or negotiate with courier companies that offer more affordable prices.

Advantages and disadvantages



  • You will receive very good service in matters such as logistics and transport.
  • You don’t have to deal with returns.
  • You can take advantage of many perks such as shipping discounts.
  • You can have unlimited storage rights at an affordable price.
  • You will have excellent outsourced customer service.
  • You can be in constant contact with warehouses and fulfillment centers owned by the company.


  • You face separate charges for fulfillment and storage operations.
  • You pay an additional fee for items that you keep for more than 6 months.
  • Because Amazon returns are easy, you may encounter many returns.
  • You may have difficulty keeping track of your messages.
  • You need to properly prepare and pack food for storage.
  • You may have difficulty calculating sales tax as there are many fulfillment centers in different parts of Amazon.

How much capital is required for Amazon FBA?

What is Amazon FBA

A minimum of $10,000 is required to establish a profitable and stable business on Amazon FBA. However, $10,000 is not necessarily required to start a decent Amazon FBA business. Many Amazon FBA sellers manage to build a profitable and sustainable business by starting a business with smaller numbers.

An Amazon FBA seller must spend the majority of their capital buying inventory. In addition, with packaging, shipping, and other costs, starting an Amazon FBA business costs approximately $7,000. Of course, $7,000 is not a fixed amount. Because Amazon has products with varying price ranges, different sizes, and a customer base that differentiates product categories from each other. Given this, the capital required to start a business will vary by business model and product category.

Amazon FBA Fees

What is Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA program charges per item based on how items are packaged, stored, distributed, and returned. In addition, the weight and size of products can change pricing.

Amazon has two packages: oversized and standard. The prices for these two packages differ from each other. In the standard package, packages weigh a minimum of $2.92 and a maximum of $3.59. For large packages, minimum $3.54, maximum $6.43. For packages in the Oversize package, payouts start at $9.32.

In addition, sellers pay Amazon $3.62 to return returned items. Instead of paying this fee, if you request that the product be sent to you, you must pay 0.50 cents, and if you want it to be destroyed, you must pay 0.10 cents.

Which countries have Amazon FBA warehouses?

What is Amazon FBA

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, operates in many countries. This is very beneficial for Amazon FBA sellers. Here are the countries where Amazon FBA warehouses are located.

  • USA
  • Czech Republic
  • Great Britain
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Germany

You can view Amazon FBA warehouse addresses by clicking here.

Does FBA really make money?


Now that we’ve learned what Amazon FBA is and isn’t, let’s get to the big question: Does FBA really make money? Of course, you can make money on Amazon FBA. However, like any business, Amazon FBA comes with certain risks. Some people make good profits from Amazon FBA while others suffer losses. That’s why it’s extremely important to do thorough research and choose the right product range before joining the Amazon FBA program.

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