Recently, many of our citizens have been trying to learn about Cimer. Under this system, which was created to ensure communication between the public and the state, citizens; sends its complaints, notifications and demands directly to the Presidium. Thus, this system acts as a bridge between the people and the state. In this list, we have collected answers to frequently asked questions, such as what is Cimer and what is good about it, and how to file a complaint through Cimer. First of all, let’s start by answering the question, what is a zimer.

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What is a cymer?

Many are interested in the answer to the question, what is Zimer. Cimer (Presidential Communication Center) is a system that was created in 2015 to bring citizens’ demands directly to the President along with their denunciations and complaints. Through this system, Turkish citizens can exercise their rights under Law No. 3071 on the right to petition and Law No. 4982 on the right to information. In order for applications submitted to Cimer to be evaluated, the required information must be completed completely and accurately. Therefore, if you wish to apply, you must complete and correctly enter information such as first name, last name, address, and TR identification number. You can also contact Cimer by letter or telephone. Cimer was merged with Bimer (Prime Minister’s Communication Centre) in 2018.

What does ZIMER do?

What is a cymer

Cimer is a website that every citizen can use, and through this system, citizens can directly send their notifications, complaints and requests to the administration. Cimer’s goal is to provide citizens with direct access to the presidential office without any intermediate conditions, and to support the fast and efficient delivery of public services. Cimer evaluates notices, complaints and requests submitted by citizens through means of communication such as fax, email and telephone and forwards them to the appropriate organizations and institutions. All submitted applications are reviewed by the Communications Directorate.

Tracking, concluding and responding to applications made by Cimer occur within the specified timeframes. However, sometimes the expected response from Cimer may take longer than indicated. It’s because of the density.

How to enter the Zimer?


After logging in to the ​​website, you can create the desired application in the “Apply” section. You can create an application in Cimer in two ways. You can start your application by filling in the information requested from you in the “Apply Now” section, or you can apply through e-government. After filling in the required information, the application page opens. Here the person is asked which of the rights to notice, complaint, inquiry, offer and information is requested. After the appropriate checkboxes are checked here, the page where the topic of the application will be explained will be passed. In this section, a citizen writes content related to topics of interest to him. Finally, an assessment is carried out and requests are sent to the appropriate institutions.

Citizens who have applied can find out the stage of their application by requesting the e-government application number or Cimer. Applications are usually reviewed within 14 business days.

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