The cokin flower is one of the flowers that best captures the spirit of the new year with its red and green color. Caring for this flower requires some attention. This flower, which reacts negatively to extreme heat and cold, is preferred by many people due to its beautiful appearance and meanings. So what is the kohina flower, does the kohina flower bring good luck and what is the history of the kohina flower?

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What is a cochin flower?

The cochin plant, native to southern Europe, grows around Iran and the Mediterranean. The origin of the name of the kokhina flower, which grows in the forests of Istanbul within the borders of Turkey, is “kokino”. In Greek it means red. Cochinchina, which consists of fruits and leaves, is commonly used in alternative medicine. The length of the flower of the kohina, colloquially known as the rabbit mermaid, reaches 1 meter. This is a very cold-resistant plant, can withstand up to -20 degrees. As the new year approaches, a red fruit called silkan is tied between its green leaves with threads, resulting in cochineal.

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cocaine care

cochin flower

It is a fact that the cochin flower needs attention and care from time to time. Kokina can’t get very hot. Staying in a temperate place is the first condition for his longevity. For this reason, when growing cochin at home, you should place the flower in a low-sun place. Because the cochina that grows in the forest prefers shade and cool places, not the sun. It is also very important to water the cochina twice a week.

The legend of the cokina flower

christmas plant

There is a legend about the cokina flower that many people believe. Kokina brings good luck and happiness, as you know. In addition, if the cola bought in the new year remains in your house without changing its color until next Christmas, this means that you will buy a new house.

How to make a cochin flower?


Kohina is quite difficult to assemble because she is prickly. It is one of the most popular colors as it stays intact for a long time. Five or six red fruits, called silkan, are formed into balls and tied with thread. So you’ve made your first cola. The more you want, the more balls you need to make.

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