Our new Internet series “Shahmaran”, which has attracted huge attention since the start of the broadcast of its first scenes, continues to excite the audience! Almost every scene of the series, which aired its first season on the online series and movie platform Netflix on January 20, 2023, created a social media event. From those who loved the series, to those who closed it in the first episode, to those who were angry, to those who were bored … We have collected the most interesting scenes of Shahmaran and the reaction of the audience for you!

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The fact that Serenay Sarikaya entered the lake alone in the first episode turned out to be more fantastic than the snake scenes in the series.

The nude scenes of Serenay Sarikaya and Burak Deniz had already begun to generate reactions on social media even before the start of the series.


In the third episode of Shahmaran, Burak Deniz entered the bed of Serenay Sarikaya in the form of a snake, and what happened next, like a bomb, was on the agenda.


Another most discussed scene of the series was the scene of the transformation of Burak Deniz. The teeth of the famous actor were compared by some to toothpicks, while others were compared to the teeth of a gumdrop vampire.


Serenay Sarikaya’s legs were also one of the most discussed series. “Cross the Black Sea without a trace.” Except for those who made fun of him: “Woman with a height of 1.75, what are you waiting for?” There were those who responded

Another of the series’ most criticized scenes was the lakeside scene. The scene evoked reactions such as “Serenai Sarikaya could not find a place to swim in Adana and enter the lake…”

The series is similar to the Twilight series in many ways. The real Sahmaran family is really not looking for the cool Cullens!

Speaking of “Twilight”… Does this scene where Serenay Sarikaya and Mert Ramazan Demir ride a motorcycle together seem familiar to us from somewhere?


Shahmaran has been one of the most talked about series by the Turkish public since the first day of its airing. As a result, social media users did not remain indifferent to the scenes of the series. Here is the reaction of social media users…











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