Now we all know that colors and emotions are connected. For example, red is often associated with anger and green with money, but this is not entirely true. Experts believe that the colors you love and often incorporate into your life may have something to do with your personality. So what are your favorite colors? Let’s go on a journey together about the beautiful colors of life.

1. Red

Red is often associated with aggression and dominance. But interestingly, the researchers found that athletes wearing this color were 5% more likely to win. This is because red can enhance performance by causing an increase in heart rate and testosterone. Also among the findings is that men give more tips to waiters in red uniforms. Research confirms that this color attracts men because it is also associated with love and passion. So if you want to be noticed, you can try wearing red.

2. Purple


Purple is associated with royalty and royal ceremonies. It also leaves a mystical impression, like magic and fantasy. Purple encourages creativity and brings peace, but it also has something to do with sensitivity and sensuality.

3. Orange


If you love orange colors and use them often, you are probably an energetic person. This color is even used in pills as it is a stimulant. It is quite powerful and is associated with a vibrant social environment. In addition, orange brings excitement and energy. Therefore, it is used in the uniform of many sports teams.

4. White


A person who loves white wants his life to be full. They tend to be organized, logical, and focused on the details of the job. This color can be associated with independence in creating things. It also evokes a feeling of purity and simplicity. Perhaps because of these qualities, it is often used by some companies. For example, we can see this in the Apple brand.


Black is the color of boundaries and power. It is associated with strength, elegance, formality and a sense of mystery. Black is associated with concepts such as realism and practicality, which is why it is often used in the workplace by people who need to follow a dress code. We can say that a person who loves black loves control and independence.

6. Blue

People who enjoy colors in shades of blue are often idealistic, reliable, autonomous, and thoughtful in their creativity. They tend to pay attention to details and grab attention with their perfectionist traits. In addition, their behavior is mostly flawless. Experts believe that bosses are more likely to hire people in blue clothes to do stressful jobs.

7. Yellow

People who love yellow tend to be adventurous. Just as white is considered the color of independence, yellow is considered the color of freedom. It is often associated with spontaneous living, optimism and passion. These people are creative, but impulsive.

8. Green

Green is often associated with money and vegetables, but researchers say people who love green tend to be safe and enjoy being outdoors. Green can also be associated with success. Physically, it causes relaxation and serenity. It is also an invigorating color. It has to do with growth, learning and health.

9. Pink

Pink reduces aggression. That is why you are unlikely to see a criminal in a pink suit. Pink is also known to regulate mood and make the wearer appear calmer. The main connotations that pink creates are love, sensitivity, generosity and kindness. Also, this color can cause a desire for protection.

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