Coffee is an important part of Turkish culture. During the Ottoman period, women who lived in the palace held coffee hours and made comments, adapting the grounds left at the bottom of the cup to their own lives, comparing it to animals and forms. Turkish coffee, which has a special place due to its style of drinking and the way it is prepared, is also very popular all over the world. So how did coffee first appear? It’s actually quite an interesting story! According to legend, a shepherd walking his slumbering goats in the pasture starts investigating when he sees the goats come to life after eating some nuts. These nuts are nothing but fresh coffee beans! So how did these nuts, which bring goats to life, become a popular culture? What is coffee state? What materials do we need for coffee divination? Let’s explore the details together.

1. What is coffee divination?

Before we talk about coffee divination, we would like to talk a little about the history of Turkish coffee. “Turkish coffee” began to be drunk in Ottoman palaces during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1517. This special coffee culture retains its value in palace cuisine for a long time. On the other hand, there are rumors that coffee divination first appeared in Ottoman palaces. Turkish coffee is a coffee culture that has spread to Bosnia, the Middle East and the Balkans and later to many parts of the world. However, we can say that coffee divination is basically a form of divination that belongs to Turkish culture.

2. What should I look for for coffee divination?

divination for coffee

So what do we need to look for coffee fortunes? First we need a coffee cup and a good cup of coffee. In order to effectively interpret coffee predictions, it must first be prepared in the consistency of coffee. The fact that there is not enough coffee grounds will greatly affect the figures in divination. For this reason, it is appropriate to add a little more coffee to the coffee drunk for divination. On the other hand, you can see sharper shapes in freshly ground coffee. This provides a handy coffee cup for the fortune teller.

3. How to look at coffee luck?

divination for coffee

There are some tricks you should know to look for luck in coffee. Before you start looking for luck in coffee, the most important thing is to interpret the coffee grounds correctly. The shapes created by the bases sometimes resemble a letter, sometimes a number, and sometimes animals for a fortune teller. The meanings of most prominent figures in divination are of a general nature and can be explained.

4. What are coffee divination techniques?

divination for coffee

So what methods should be used when considering coffee conditions? Let’s explore together.

road in coffee luck

If you see the way in coffee luck, it means a new beginning. On the other hand, if this road is a long winding road, this indicates that it will take time to create the desired conditions. The fact that the road you see is thick indicates that there will be no events and trips that will significantly change your life, while a narrow road signals events that will happen soon and change your life even more. If symbols appear around the road, appropriate comments can be generated. If there are seven ways in fortune-telling, this indicates marriage, and if there is a dove at the end of the path, then your condition indicates that there will be news from afar.

Animals in coffee happiness

Almost each of the animals seen in divination points to something different. To see a horse in coffee wealth means nobility, and the news of a bird means wealth expressed in money. A butterfly symbolizes short-term happiness, a dog or a wolf – salvation from a difficult situation. While ladybugs indicate that there will be a fruitful period, seeing a bee symbolizes that someone’s work will rise to the value it deserves. The mouse in the cup represents an unreliable personality, monkey hypocrisy, and predators represent greed and malice.

Numbers in coffee luck

So what do the numbers mean in coffee divination? The numbers usually indicate the period of time associated with the event, and also symbolize the number of people who come into your life. In coffee luck, numbers indicate good and auspicious deeds. If there are any, this is a harbinger that your financial problems will end and your debts will be closed. The numbers, on the other hand, mean that days of peace are near. 0 means that expectations will not come true, 1 means love and kindness, 2 illness and bad luck, 3 a successful life, 4 good luck in life, 5 slander, 6 marriages, 7 peace in the family, 8 quarrels and chaos, 9 new acquaintances. people.

Coffee Luck Letters

If letters appear in the coffee prediction, this also indicates some meanings. For example, the letter A for resentment, the letter B for strength, the letter C for a long journey, the letter C for separation, the letter D for loss, the letter E for conscience, the letter D for the need for prayer, the letter H for marriage, the letter N for a feeling of tension, the letter P is for lying and cheating, the letter S is for meeting new people, and the letter V indicates unhappiness and sadness. On the other hand, these values ​​may vary depending on the direction of the letter and the position in the cup.

So, from the mouth of a fortune teller and through the eyes of science: what is divination? What is the effect on a person? If you are interested in knowing the answer, you can visit our content.

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