Energy is a force that exists in almost every aspect of our lives and affects us! So, what does the word “aura” that we often hear in everyday life mean? In fact, the word aura, which is directly related to energy, reflects our personality, lifestyle, emotions and thoughts.

The aura shows us the necessary clues regarding our physical, mental and physical health. An aura that spreads in a magnetic field and attracts people similar to your energy is a very important concept. On the other hand, our chakras are also located in the aura. Chakras also serve to attract energy into our body.

When we attract positive and positive energy towards us, our aura acts as a shield and protects us from negative energy. Below we have compiled what you need to know about the aura, which is made up of four separate layers. What does aura mean? What does an aura mean by color? Let’s look at the details together.

What does aura mean?

The aura can be defined as a protective shield that exists due to the flow of positive and negative energies in our body. In other words, the aura is a magnetic field that surrounds the human body. Every object, living or inanimate, has an aura.

Of course, within the aura, the state of life or death may differ. For example, the atoms in living things are more active, indicating the biggest difference. When we are happy, our aura is colorful and continuous, but when we are in a bad mood, it is gray and broken.

On the other hand, you are also affected by the energies of the people in your environment. Since people are in constant energy exchange and interaction with each other, the auras of the people around you seriously affect you.

How to recognize a high aura?

We have already mentioned that the aura is found in people both strong and weak. People with a weak aura get sick quite easily and are quickly affected by negative events. However, people with a high aura are more difficult to get sick and have a more positive attitude towards negative events.

People with a high aura have the highest vitality. Especially in these people, the aura protects the person from diseases and bad energies and acts as a shield. This electromagnetic field plays an important role in the spiritual and emotional plan of a person. To have a high aura literally means to have a positive mood.

How to update?

So, how to strengthen the aura? If you want to raise your aura, you can follow simple and quick steps, which we will talk about shortly. First of all, we recommend that you do 15-20 minutes of daily meditation to raise your aura. These meditations will help you connect with yourself.

Experts say that unbalanced food intake also significantly reduces a person’s energy. For this reason, you can boost your aura by eating less than usual and paying attention to what you eat.

Another important step for lifting the aura is to sit or walk upright. An upright position will increase a person’s self-confidence and also strengthen their aura. To balance your aura, it is also very important to avoid environments and people that negatively affect your mood, negatively affect you and reduce your energy.

It should also be said that in order to raise the aura, you need to play a little Polyannism. In other words, you must focus on positive thinking while blocking and ignoring negative thoughts in every event and situation.

Among the aura strengthening techniques, the most important is that you intend to strengthen and elevate your aura. Real desire here will seriously affect the aura. When you wake up in the morning, go to bed at night or during the day, it is important to remind yourself how comprehensive and powerful you are in order to expand the scope of your aura.

What do aura colors mean?

Aura values ​​can also vary by color. So what do colors mean in the aura world? How about checking it out together! Let’s start…

red aura

People with a red aura are people who love to eat, travel and go on adventures. On the other hand, we must say that these people easily get angry. If you are with these people, you will enjoy spending time together. People with a red aura who love to live also love to look in the mirror and love themselves very much. These are people with the spirit of a leader, and such a color aura is often found in athletes.

green aura

Among people with a green aura with a highly developed creative intelligence, men can be logical and workaholics, while women can be sweet and obedient. People with a green aura who love to explore are always supportive of their decisions. Successful business people often have a green aura.

orange aura

They are sociable, generous and kind people. They attach great importance to friendship. They are sociable people and love to talk. In general, we can say that the leaders and messengers have this color of the aura.

yellow aura

Smart people with analytical thinking skills are individuals with a yellow aura. They like to work and think qualitatively. On the other hand, we must say that they are workaholics. Scientists and researchers are people with this aura color.

blue aura

There are quite a few people with this aura color. We can collect dreamy, artistic, elegant, touchy, motherly and sympathetic people under the name of blue aura. They have an emotional side, but their intuition is quite strong. They never like violence and crowds. His communication skills are quite good. People with a blue aura usually do not hide their political sentiments.

purple aura

Violet people with high energy are loyal partners and good friends. They can easily sense events and act. They easily decipher why events occur, that is, their underlying meanings.

Indigo Aura

Under this heading you can collect responsible, compassionate, reliable people. They are very intuitive, sensitive and very smart people. An indigo aura that loves its freedom can also manipulate people due to their good persuasion ability. We would also like to say that they are perfectionists. On the other hand, they can be both extroverted and reserved.

bronze aura

People with this aura have a domineering nature. Its analysis capabilities are quite good. They put a lot of emphasis on fairness. On the other hand, they acquire an unstable mood. Sometimes they can be obedient, and sometimes they can be very stingy.

pink aura

Introverts can be grouped under the heading “pink aura”. They have a rather shy personality. They have a calm disposition and attach extreme importance to the feeling of love. People with a pink aura are usually writers and poets.

Silver aura

Silver aura imagination, very intuitive, very wide. Reliable and honest people fall under the silver aura category. Their dreams are very important to them and they never stop chasing their dreams.

golden aura

A group of talented people with a golden aura developed a sense of responsibility. They are known for their attractiveness and beauty. On the other hand, people with a golden aura are also good listeners. Calm and patient people gathered again under this name of aura.

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