The assassination on 30 December 2022 has been a bombshell on Turkey’s agenda. Former President of Ülkü Ocakları and Faculty Member of Hacettepe University Assoc. Dr. Sinan Ates was attacked by two people on a motorcycle in the Cankaya area of ​​Ankara and was shot in the head. The fever died in the hospital where he was taken. The assassination of Sinan Ates, which has become one of the most important items on Turkey’s agenda, has also sparked a fierce debate. Especially the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) was criticized for its “silence” after the assassination. Many social media users reacted to this situation and shared images on their social media accounts that they had ended their party membership. There were even those who considered the murder an internal showdown within the MHP.

However, the number of detainees in the framework of the investigation launched by the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office in the case of the murder of Sinan Atesh has increased to 13 people over the past few days. Among the detainees is Dogukan Chep, who is suspected of instigating the murder. So, at what stage did the investigation into the murder of Sinan Atesh begin, what did politicians say about the incident, which many consider to be a “political assassination”? Let’s look at the details together…

On December 30, Sinan Atesh, the former chairman of the Ülkü Ocakları, was assassinated in the Ülkü Ocakları region of Ankara.

Atesh was hit in the head by an armed attack by two motorcyclists while driving out of a building in the Kyzylyrmak area. Atesh was taken to the hospital, where he died. About 10 thousand people attended the funeral of Atesh, who was buried in Bursa. The assassination of Sinan Atesh, known for his political affiliation and closeness to the MHP, has prompted comments that the assassination may have political overtones.

Dogukan Chep, who was suspected of the murder of Sinan Atesh, was detained.

Along with Dogukan Cep, the number of those arrested in connection with the murder, as part of the investigation conducted by the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office, has increased to 13 people. Chep, who was detained in Istanbul during his arrest, was allegedly seized with two pistols.

The assassination of Sinan Atesh is one of the most important issues in politics in recent times.

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In recent days, opposition leaders have made notable claims about Atesh’s assassination. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, chairman of the Republican People’s Party, said:In the center of Ankara, a nationalist Kemalist academician was killed. Those responsible for this work are silent. They say “you’re passing on a message” to the gangs they’ve released from prison. The FETO stamp is placed on the late nationalist youth. Let me be very clear, this is fair to say the least.‘ made a statement.

Kılıçdaroğlu also addressed MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli through his social media account: “Bahceli, how long will you be silent? If you keep taking pictures with the mafia, the kids next to you will start playing mafia. You will put, you will not hand over children with you with 3-5 merchants.” He used. Meral Aksener, chairman of the IYI party, “An event that should enhance security and intelligence. I believe that our security forces will do their best to shed light on this important event.He drew attention to the importance of killing Sinan Atesh.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced that two more people were wanted in connection with the murder, in addition to those who pulled the trigger.

Soylu responded to criticism of the government over the “hush”: “S.Ignoring gossip and rumors on social media will not save the investigation. There are rumors about everyone on social media. Creating and attempting to use a policy from here does not provide security for the investigation.” he replied.

This was stated by the official representative of the Justice and Development Party Omer Celik.There are those who are trying to make politics instead of death, it’s not moral.he made a statement.

MHP leader Devlet Bahceli, who has not made any statements about the assassination of former Ülkü Ocakları chairman Sinan Ates, provoked a reaction from many people, especially within the party.

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The MHP and Devlet Bahceli were accused of keeping quiet about the killing of Sinan Atesh, as was the AKP. For this reason, many social media users have protested the MHP’s attitude by sharing images on their social media accounts that they have ended their MHP membership. In response to the reaction, MHP Deputy Chairman Semih Yalcin said: “We do not hesitate to give lessons in life and politics to those who try our patience.” used words.

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli spoke about the assassination of Sinan Atesh for the first time at a meeting of his party today (January 10).

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Bahceli, who first spoke about the assassination of Sinan Ates, which for some time was one of the most important items on the agenda in Turkey, made quite remarkable statements. Claiming that the “shadow of the assassination” was to be cast on the MHP, the MHP leader claimed that his party had been the target of the assassination.

Saying that the allegations against the MHP are trying to create a crack in the People’s Alliance, Bahceli said he will not allow slander and slander against his party. MHP leader said:I will not let a single comrade be crushed, I will not make a hole in the wall, even if it ends in death. I shout to those who fabricate murder that our candidate is clear, our decision is clear.” he said.

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