Fortnite, Epic Games’ favorite battle royale game, has released the Episode 4: Season 1 update. With the new season, new mechanics, weapons, vehicles, items and the Unreal Engine 5.1 update have been added to the game.

At the end of the season, while the entire map was buried in history, beautiful locations were added to the new map. To a new card; Added Fort, Anvil Square, Remote Base, and Hardworking Farm Zones. In addition, the biggest innovation added to the game with the new season was the Unreal Engine 5.1 update. The update to Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games’ proprietary game engine, has ushered in a new era in the game. Let’s look at the details together.

Brand new island

With “The Fracture”, the final event of Fortnite Chapter 3 on December 4th, the island has been completely destroyed. Here are some of the new regions added to the new map:

  • Lock
  • Anvil Square
  • remote base
  • Caliscan Farm
  • Quarry with mining
  • Kinetic ore

The remote base is a snowy region between two mountains. Epic Games has added snowball mechanics to the game with a new update. Players can now create a snowball by hitting the snow with a pickaxe and hitting it.

Kinetic ore welcomes us to a mining enterprise in the area of ​​the Talan quarry. Kinetic ore has a very important strategic value due to its strange structure. If you happen to be here in the game, we recommend that you get to know Kinetic Ore better.

New vehicle: dirt bike

unreal engine

Epic, which has made great strides in speeding up the game, has added the Trail Thrasher two-wheeled motorcycle to the map with a new update. With this new off-road bike, players can quickly navigate the map. Along with using weapons on a motorcycle, acrobatic moves can also be performed.

Reality enhancement feature will add fun to matches

unreal engine

One of the most important features added in the update is Reality Enhancement. With this new feature, players are offered two random offers at regular intervals in matches. By choosing one of these features, players make more strategic moves or take risks and change their play style. Here are some examples of reality enhancement:

  • Movable fingers: It offers faster reloading of light ammo.
  • Bow the Conqueror: Mechanical Explosive Yacht and Mechanical Elegant Dahlia give a bow.
  • Aviator: This allows the player to use the glider throughout the match.
  • Fifth gear: Teenagers gain more health until they run out of fuel.
  • Flying Grasshopper: Provides higher jumps and less gravity when sprinting.
  • Demolition artist
  • shotgun shooter
  • storm trail
  • Mod Master

Reality enhancements are not all that have been added to the game. In addition, the two offers offered to the player can be renewed if they are not to their liking. Players are now closer to victory with their favorite upgrades.

Recently added weapons and items

unreal engine

With a changed island, some of the weapons are removed to the shelf, and a new one is placed on the island. Here are the new weapons that players can unlock from chests:

  • Excaliber Rifle
  • Lightning Shotgun
  • Expert Automatic Shotgun
  • Laser Assault Rifle
  • Submachine gun with double magazine
  • tactical pistol
  • impact sledgehammer

Epic Games manages to add a new breath to the game with every update. In particular, Shockwave Sledgehammer allows you not only to jump, but also to deal damage to opponents. The new items added to the game are as follows:

  • Sille Mulberry
  • Sille Juice
  • Jellyfish

Flying drones, which have been in the game for a while and have been removed, are also back. Drones fly in randomly selected hotspots in matches. Drones carry valuable weapons and items. In addition, you can now capture any region in team modes. Captured territories will be determined by your banners and you will dig for more loot. In addition, you will be shown regions of treasures and items in the region. But your capture of the area will be known to other teams.

Introducing Unreal Engine 5.1

Unreal Engine 5.1, Epic Games’ proprietary game engine, has made its debut in Fortnite. Visualizing the game with the new game engine also opened up new possibilities. New features such as Natite, Lumen, Virtual Shadow Maps and Temporal Super Resolution are now available in Unreal Engine 5.1. These new features offered by Unreal Engine 5.1 are summarized as follows:


All surfaces in the game, especially buildings, are made up of millions of polygons. The standard tree in the game consists of an average of 300,000 polygons. It provides highly detailed architecture with every brick, stone and “Nanite” wall detail.


It provides high reflection with ray tracing in light reflections, water and glossy surfaces.

Virtual shadow maps

It is defined as a high level of shading. It creates shadows for every detail and captures the shadows perfectly.

Temporary Super Resolution

It offers high quality in high frame i.e. FPS. This is the elevation of temporal smoothing.

You may not have understood the details of the new features Unreal Engine 5.1 has to offer. Let’s take a look at the Fortnite Unreal Engine 5 visual demo👇


unreal engine


unreal engine



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Changing picture settings

unreal engine

The Natite feature added in Unreal Engine 5.1 may not work on some systems. The PC requirements to run Nanite, posted on the official Epic Games Store blog, are as follows:

Minimum PC requirements to run Nanite

  • Show map:
    • NVIDIA: Maxwell generation cards or later
    • AMD: GCN generation cards or later
  • Latest graphics drivers
    • Windows 10 version 1909.1350 or later with DirectX 12 Agility SDK support
  • Direct X version:

Recommended PC requirements to run Nanite

  • Show map:
    • NVIDIA: GeForce RTX 2080 or higher
    • AMD: Radeon RX 5700 or higher
  • Latest graphics drivers
    • Latest version of Windows 10 with DirectX 12 Agility SDK support
    • Latest version of Windows 11
  • Direct X version:

In addition, Nanite, Lumen, Virtual Shadow Maps, and Temporal Super Resolution features are also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S models, which are the next generation of game consoles. In order to activate the experience, you need to turn off the “120 FPS Mode” option in the “Graphics” tab of the display settings.

New battle pass

unreal engine

Fortnite Episode 4: Season 1 Battle Pass purchasers will be able to instantly unlock Seline’s Star of the Night outfit. Other outfits waiting to be unlocked in the Battle Pass are as follows:

  • Kaiser
  • Doom Slayer
  • Brainstorm
  • hypnotist
  • Burkay
  • Eternal
  • Geralt of Rivia

Toward the middle of the new season, which will last 96 days until March 10, the Hulk character known to us from the Marvel universe will also come to the content store.

Finally, the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 trailer looks like this:

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