The Kismetse olur program, which left its mark on the air in 2015-2017, returned after 5 years. The famous marriage program has this time started streaming on Youtube and has been watched by millions of people since its first release. If you’re wondering what the most popular bride and groom candidates did before the show, read on!

Aibuke Changal

Aibuke Changal, Tiktok member and phenomenon, was born in 2001. Aybüke, a Scorpio, has attracted attention with her “Jackal” tattoo on her neck, dedicated to the famous rapper Chakal. However, after the famous rapper’s backlash, the Tiktok phenomenon had the tattoo removed. It was revealed that the dimples of Aibuke, which were associated with Tolga Candemir in the program the power of love: the power of love, were aesthetic.

Tolga Candemir

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Born in 1998, Tolga Kandemir from Izmit said: “I am looking for a person who will suit me in the Kismetse Olur program. Uncertainty makes me very angry. I can’t get jealous.” caught his attention with his facial expression. Tolga, who won Turkey’s Best Model in 2019, came second in the World’s Best Model competition, which he entered later. Tolga’s sexually explicit messages to women were revealed prior to participating in Kismetse Olur: The Power of Love, which was acclaimed by the program.

Cancel Ayanoglu

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Cansel Ayanoglu is one of the most famous bride candidates for the Kismetse Olur program due to her love of money and bright clothes. Kansel, born in 1997, Leo, beautician. He also attracted the attention of the public with his own rhinoplasty. Jansel, who has become close to Ogulcan Yilmaz since the first day of the program, also has an 8-year-old daughter born in 2015.

Wrist orunds

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Admired for his good looks and assertive words, Bilek Orundas was born in 1996 in Istanbul. Although his main job is in sales and logistics, he has modeled for many brands. A lingerie photo shoot for an online store is definitely Bilek’s most wonderful work.

Yaren Mountain

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Yaren Dag, who is especially known for her search for a rich wife and the events she arranged at the bride’s house, is a nurse born in 1998. In the first edition of the program, he said: “I don’t want to work anymore, because I have been working since childhood. I want to be either the boss’s wife or the boss.” His words caught his attention. After these words, he said that he does not need a woman who loves money, and his rapprochement with Erhan caused surprise. After being recognized in Kısmetse Olur, she stunned the audience with her unaesthetic appearance.

Erhan Saffar

Erhan Saffar is one of the most popular suitor candidates in The Power of Love. Before Kismetse Olur, she participated in the competitions “Best Mine” and “Fashion Fashion”. His main occupation is the manufacture of diamonds. Erhan, who gave a dental diamond to Yaren Dag, whom he became close to on the program, also works as a model. It is not known when Erhan, whose real surname was Sobachi, changed his surname. According to recent news, Erhan was also on Adnan Oktar’s program at one time. We don’t know at this time how close they are.

Eliz Atzikel

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Elise Achikel, who says she likes macho men, was born in 1998. Elise’s profession outside the program is a cosmetologist. In the first edition of the program, he said: “Whatever you call a man, it must be ugly.” attention to his words. Yeliz is in a relationship with Erol Yildirim at Kısmetse Olur. There are rumors that Yeliz may be removed from the program after she allegedly attacked another bride-to-be, Aibuke.

Erol Yildirim

Erol Yıldırım is known for his relationship with Eliz Achikel on the program. Recent revelations have added reputation to the future groom. The messages that Erol wrote to DJ Hakan Kakız and the phenomenon of Mika Slowana became an event. Correspondences such as Mika Slovana’s statement to Erol that “your bear has appeared” and Erol’s “I’m coming to you too” surprised Kismetse Olur fans. He said that after the messages came out, a lawsuit was launched as a result of insulting each other with his wife Elise Achikel on the program.

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