Betrayal is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. However, research shows that scams are more common today than they were in ancient times. That is why from time to time the question “Am I being deceived?” gnaws at the minds of many people. Some of those who ask themselves this burning question finally realize that their fears are groundless. However, unfortunately, a significant number of people find out that their fears are justified and that their partner has cheated on them.

However, it is not always easy for a person to discover that he has been deceived. That is why many people, suspecting that they are being deceived, turn to private detectives, namely detectives. Detectives who have been working in this field for many years can get to the bottom of the truth with the slightest clue. Here is Tom Martin, who has been a private detective for over 40 years and has investigated thousands of fraud cases, explaining when to worry about being scammed and the most common signs of a scam. Let’s look at the details together…

Former federal agent Tom Martin, based in California, USA, has been a private detective for 40 years.

Tom Martin, President of Martin Detective Services, is an expert in his field who has dealt with thousands of scams throughout his career. In his book A View of Life with Private Eyes, Martin shares with his readers his professional experience, as well as the most obvious signs of deception.

According to Martin, all scammers use roughly the same methods.

In his book Looking at Life with Private Eyes, Martin explains the 20 most common signs of infidelity, noting that cases of infidelity often happen this way…

According to the expert detective, those who find one or two signs of deception need not worry.

However, if the number of identified signs is 4 or more, it is useful to observe your partner more closely. Because you can be deceived!

Among the most obvious signs of infidelity are more overtime and business trips!

However, avoidance of sexual intercourse and over-reactivity are also among the behaviors often exhibited by a cheater. Also, attempts to “look better” such as starting to exercise and buying new clothes are reasonable grounds to suspect that your partner has the other person in mind.

Privacy is very important to deceive people.

For this reason, hidden phones, secret bank accounts, hidden expenses, calls from hidden numbers, or surreptitiously opened social media accounts are common in cases of fraud.

Martin also puts lying and anger at the top of the traits of scammers. Therefore, if you notice that your partner is extremely angry even at the slightest provocation or begins to openly lie, you should be careful!

People who suddenly start paying more attention to their personal care and start receiving unfamiliar gifts for their partner can also be cheaters.

be deceived

Avoidance of family gatherings, an extremely uncomfortable attitude towards unexpected visits, and unexpected surprises are also obvious signs that the scammer may be betraying him.

An experienced detective claims that a deceived person can intuitively feel deceived.

be deceived

Because people can understand or feel that their partners are not completely honest. For this reason, your partner can cheat even when they don’t show any of the signs that Martin reveals in his book, and you can even feel it.

In this age of technology, people who doubt that they will be deceived can dispel their doubts without the help of private detectives.

be deceived

Because, according to Martin, “the rules of the game have changed a lot, it’s all because of technology.” Nowadays, a person can find out if they have been scammed or not even by going to their partner’s social media or iCloud account. That is why in our time, people who cheat on their partners are most often caught “themselves”, and not private detectives.

Tom Martin, who has worked on thousands of cases in his detective life, advises taking your time when it comes to deception.

be deceived

Martin believes that in such situations one should not panic and make hasty decisions. A seasoned detective says hasty decisions can jeopardize a valuable relationship due to unfounded fears.

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