Today (March 6) is the first month of earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaras. Thousands of our people died as a result of the catastrophe that occurred exactly one month ago. The number of our wounded and destroyed buildings is in the hundreds of thousands. The number of people who lost their homes as a result of the earthquake exceeds millions. In other words, there is a huge housing problem in the region, and it continues to be the region’s biggest problem in the first month after the disaster. However, there are other current issues and new developments in the region related to the earthquake. Let’s look at the latest situation in the region in the first month of the Kahramanmarash earthquakes.

More than 160,000 buildings are said to have fallen into disrepair due to two strong earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

Among the thousands of buildings that have become unusable, some were destroyed by the earthquake, and there are buildings that stand, but are said to be dangerous even to approach. On the other hand, destroyed and dilapidated buildings are not just piles of rubble and mountains of garbage. The fact that over 160,000 buildings are falling into disrepair means that millions of people have lost their homes and homes.

The United Nations estimates that the number of people who lost their homes in the earthquake is at least 1.5 million. More precisely, this is the number of people who lost their homes, but continue to remain in the earthquake zone. According to AFAD, the number of people who fled the earthquake zone is about 2 million people.

Shelter is the most important issue in the earthquake area, where 1.5 million people were left homeless.

Numerous residents of the disaster zone continue to stay in various public buildings during the first month of earthquakes. The installation of tent and container camps in the region continues. However, their number is still insufficient. For this reason, the most important problem of the region, the problem of housing, has not been solved. However, it is difficult to say that the housing problem is the only pressing problem in the region.

Various problems in the disaster area have not disappeared, despite the fact that a month has passed since the disaster.

For example, Khatai, one of the cities most affected by the earthquake, is said to have a serious water problem. However, he shares information that different problems continue today in different earthquake-prone regions.

It was announced that 45,968 people had died.


In addition, the Interior Ministry statement said that 4,267 of the dead were Syrians.

Aftershocks continue in the first month of the earthquake


Aftershocks in the region will continue for some time, some of which are strong enough to cause serious damage, experts say. The number of aftershocks following two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras on February 6 is in the thousands.

Of the 997 suspects who are believed to have been negligent in the deaths of thousands of our people, 247 have been arrested.


Suspects arrested include 93 contractors, 123 foremen and 13 building owners. In addition, 18 people are in custody, who were found to have changes in the building. On the other hand, it is indicated that a decision has been made on judicial control in relation to 322 people, including contractors and superintendents. In addition, arrest warrants have been issued for 198 suspects.

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