The earthquakes in Kahramanmaras unfortunately caused unprecedented destruction in our country. Two large earthquakes, which occurred one after another on February 6, affected 10 cities, especially Kahramanmarash, Hatay and Adiyaman. In our earthquake-hit cities, thousands of our people have died and countless people have been injured. Some settlements, in which a normal life was conducted shortly before the earthquake, were almost completely destroyed after the earthquake. Dozens of cities turned into piles of ruins due to numerous destroyed buildings.

On the other hand, on the sixteenth day of the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, not only Hatay, but the whole of Turkey was shaken by two strong earthquakes. The two earthquakes, which struck just three minutes apart in the Defne and Samandag districts of Hatay province, have sparked fear and panic in the region, which is already trying to heal its wounds. Moreover, aftershocks continue to occur in the Kahramanmarash and Hatay regions. Almost every new day in the areas affected by the earthquake, there are new events and new problems. Today exactly 18 days have passed since the great catastrophe. So, what events have taken place, what is the latest situation in the region? Let’s look at the details together.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said 43,556 people had died in two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

Soylu, who made statements about the earthquakes in Kahramanmarash at the Disaster Coordination Center in Khatai, announced that 43,556 of our citizens died as a result of the earthquake.

Murat Kurum, Minister of the Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, said that 156,000 destroyed, demolished and badly damaged buildings were found in the earthquake area.

In a related statement from the institution, “We work with over 7300 experienced employees throughout Turkey. In this regard, a survey of 1,188 buildings consisting of 4,371,000 independent sections has been completed, and we have determined that 156,000 buildings consisting of 507,000 independent sections have been demolished, will be demolished immediately and seriously damaged.made statements.

On the other hand, Murat Kurum said that the process of building 1797 new houses in the earthquake zone has begun. Declaring that the necessary surveys and ground surveys for the construction of new residences had been completed, the Authority reported: “In this context; We have signed contracts for 1797 new houses, 456 in Gaziantep Nurdagi, 399 in Islahiye, 297 in Adiyaman Qahta and 645 in Kilis Center, and we have started the construction process.he said.

After the earthquake, 564 suspects were identified. Of the suspects, 160 have been arrested, 175 have been released under judicial control, and 18 are still in custody.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced that as of day 18 of the great catastrophe, 546 suspects had been identified. Soylu answered the question “How many contractors have an arrest warrant, how many have been caught, how many are wanted”?From the first minute, all departments of the state were on the alert in this matter. We imposed an international travel ban on every name we heard, knew, saw and identified… All our friends were on the alert. Whoever this work is, whatever it is, it will go to the end. There is nothing more precious than human life. The price for it will make you pay for whatever it is, if it’s unfair, if it’s guilty, for a criminal cause. So far, 564 suspects have been identified, 160 have been arrested, 175 have been released on parole, and 18 people are still in custody. The search for the rest continues.” he replied.

On the 18th day of the earthquake centered in Kahramanmarash, a new earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred in Hatay.

As you may remember, in the last few days Hatay has been hit by two major earthquakes in two different areas. Here another earthquake occurred in Hatai on the 18th day of the great tribulation. Hatay was once again surrounded by a 4.3 magnitude earthquake at 04:42 am, according to data provided by AFAD. It was announced that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 7.18 kilometers.

It was announced that as a result of the earthquakes that occurred in the past days in the Defne and Samandag regions, 6 of our citizens were killed, 562 people were injured, 18 of them were seriously injured. After the morning earthquake, there were no reports of deaths or injuries in the region.

Tremors in the region continue on the 18th day of the great catastrophe

Both Kahramanmarash and Hatay are shaken by frequent shocks. The number of aftershocks in the region is in the thousands. Scientists say these shocks will continue for some time. It is said that especially after the two earthquakes that occurred in Hatay the other day, the number of aftershocks in the region increased, and these earthquakes were also felt in the nearby provinces.

Good news continues to come in search and rescue efforts.


Despite the 18 days that have passed in the earthquake zone, we are also witnessing miraculous images of salvation. However, on the 18th day of the quake, search and rescue efforts were replaced by major debris removal efforts. It is reported that search and rescue operations will be completed in the coming days.

The mobilization of aid and solidarity in Turkey continues today.


In addition to the authorized institutions in the region, many non-governmental organizations continue their work to provide assistance. However, millions of people across the country continue their relief activities to heal the wounds of the earthquake zone.

The VAT rate on the sale of prefabricated containers was reduced by 1 percent on the 18th day of the great catastrophe


By a decision published in the Official Gazette, the VAT rate on the sale of prefabricated houses and containers was reduced to 1 percent without any restrictions on earthquake zones or institutions. It was previously announced that the 1% VAT rate would only apply to the disaster area.

The problem of temporary housing that arose after the earthquake in Kahramanmaras has not been resolved.


Tens of thousands of people who lost their homes in violent earthquakes are forced to survive the disaster in temporary shelters. In particular, earthquake victims who have to continue to live in earthquake zones have no other alternative than container houses and earthquake-resistant tents.

For this reason, the problem of shelter in the earthquake zone is one of the primary tasks that need to be addressed. However, news from the region suggests that the housing problem is still relevant. It is said that especially after the earthquakes in Khatai, the housing problem in the region became more acute and there was a need for many tents.

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