The main political agenda in Turkey has long been the presidential elections, which will be held on 14 May. The People’s Alliance, made up of the AKP and the Nationalist Movement Party, had previously announced that incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would be the alliance’s presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. It is not yet clear who will be the presidential candidate of the Alliance of the Nation, also known as the “6 Tables”, which consists of the Republican People’s Party, the Good Party, the Happy Party, the Democratic Party, the Future Party and the Virgo Party. In addition, the Alliance of Nations shared with the public the “Memorandum of Understanding on Common Policy”, which will be the main axis of the presidential candidate’s campaign manifesto and government program, at a meeting with wide participation recently.

The text, described by the parties in the Alliance of Nations as a “recipe for crisis relief,” includes 9 main headings, 75 subheadings and more than 2,300 promises. The text, which includes pledges in areas ranging from public administration to the economy, from foreign policy to education, aims to keep the parties in the alliance in unity of discourse and action throughout the election period. So what is in the Common Policy Consensus of the Alliance of Nations? Let’s see the details together…

The Common Policy Memorandum of Understanding promulgated by the Alliance of Nations contains promises that are intended to be implemented in almost all spheres of life in the event that the opposition comes to power.

Human rights, independence of the judiciary, education, health care, defense industry, immigration and environmental policy are just a few of these areas. However, the text states that some practices that began during the AKP’s rule will be discontinued.

The promises of the National Alliance are collected under 9 main headings.

Joint Policy Consensus, “Law, Justice and the Judiciary”, “Public Administration”, “Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Audit”, “Economy, Finance and Employment”, “Science, Research and Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation” , It consists of the main headings “Industry Policy”, “Education and Training”, “Social Policy”, “Foreign Policy, Defense, Security and Migration”.

Details of the titles in the Common Policy Memorandum of Understanding have been made public by representatives of the various parties in the National Alliance.

The presentation of the section “Law, justice and judiciary” in the text was made by the Deputy Chairman of the Republican People’s Party and the official representative of the party Faik Oztrak. One of the striking details of the presentation of the relevant section was the statement that “constitutional guarantees will be brought to international treaties.” However, other details stand out among the opposition’s legal promises.

Promises such as lowering the electoral threshold to 3 percent, electing a president once every 7 years, lowering the state aid threshold to 1 percent, and abolishing several bar associations indicate that important changes will take place in the electoral system if there is a change of government. On the other hand, promises such as the abolition of the Welfare Fund and presidential political committees, the introduction of mandatory parliamentary clearance for lawsuits relating to the closure of political parties, and the creation of the Strategy and Planning Organization were brought to the attention of the Oztrak public.

The promises of the opposition under the name “economy” were voiced by the deputy chairman of the DEVA party, Ibrahim Canakci.

Chanakci said that if the National Alliance came to power, inflation would fall to single digits within two years and per capita income would double within five years. In addition, the Common Policy Memorandum of Understanding contains wonderful promises of “savings” under the heading “Savings”.

Accordingly, “the number of aircraft used by the President will be reduced. The mansions and palaces that are also used by the president will be opened to the public and the president will return to the Çankaya mansion. Leasing projects such as Kanal Istanbul will be put on hold and the country’s resources will be used for irrigation and similar projects in agriculture.

In the event of a change of power in the elections on May 14, significant changes will occur in the field of education.

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The pledges, collected under the heading “Education in Common Policy Consensus”, were presented to the public by Bulent Sahinalp, vice chairman of the Democratic Party, one of the components of the Alliance of Nations.

There are important innovations that the opposition plans to introduce in the field of education if it comes to power. Accordingly, a “Ministry of Informatics and Innovation” will be established under the authority of the Alliance of Nations. YÖK will be abolished, compulsory education will be restructured. LGS will be removed in the process, several university entrance exams will be created…

Nation Alliance vows to take important steps towards gender equality

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The objectives of the alliance called “Social Policy” were outlined by IYI Party Deputy Chairman Yumit Ozlale. Ozlale said that a “Ministry of Women, Family and Children Affairs” would be created and that all international agreements would be returned.We know that the Istanbul Convention keeps us alive,” he said.

On the other hand, among the promises of the alliance included in social policy is the provision of gender equality in politics. According to Özlale, “women’s participation in decision-making and governance processes in parliament, local administrations, political parties and state institutions will be supported, women’s representation will be increased, and policies will be implemented that give priority to the protection of women’s rights.

The National Alliance will pursue a migration policy for the return of Syrians to their country in case of victory in the elections.

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Sabri Tekir, vice chairman of the Happiness Party, announced a roadmap to follow on “foreign policy and immigration.” Accordingly, the National Alliance will try to stop illegal migration and ensure that Turkey does not become a buffer zone. In addition, the number and capacity of deportation centers will be increased in accordance with the rule of the Alliance of Nations, the practice of buying citizenship in exchange for real estate will be stopped, and Syrians under the status of temporary protection will be able to return to their countries as soon as possible.

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