There is nothing better than seeing the first spring flowers after a long and dark winter. Flowers remind us of upcoming energetic sunny days. Spring season flowers sometimes grow on their own, sometimes with a little help. These amazing flowers beautify both our environment and our gardens. We have explained in detail what spring flowers are and what flowers are planted in spring for you.

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What flowers are planted in spring?

Spring is the time when people who want to decorate their garden are busiest. These flowers, which add color to our lives, adorn our gardens and balconies with their fragrance. When spring flowers are planted at the right time and well cared for, great results are achieved. Let’s take a closer look at what spring flowers can be planted in spring.

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What flowers are planted in March?

In March, you can plant algae, katifu, nasturtium, nucleus flower, zinnia, flashflower, goodwill and cornflower. In addition, magnificently smelling hyacinths, multi-colored tulips and daffodils are just the flowers of March.

What flowers are planted in April?

April is the month when preparations for the summer begin. Shading shelters should be used to keep the plants from being exposed to direct sunlight during that month. Enamel, carnation, shefflera, salvia, ipomoea, starry tent, glass beauty, petunia and godetia are among the April annuals. You can also plant lilies, ninjas and begonias this month.

What flowers are planted in May?

In May, the hot sun is felt seriously. Therefore, shading should be done to protect the flowers from sunlight, and home-grown flowers should be placed away from direct sunlight. Here are the flowers you can plant in May; geranium, forsythia, lily of the valley, lily of the valley and azalea.

What are spring flowers?

spring flowers

Flowers that mark the arrival of spring are called spring flowers. These flowers adorn our lives with their unique images and wonderful aroma. We have collected for you the most beautiful spring flowers.

1. Purple


These charming flowers come in a variety of colors, from bright yellow to deep red. They are not afraid of a little cold (or even a little black), so they make great splashes of color early in the season. Violets do not like heat, so they wither with the onset of summer. Some varieties may even come alive in the fall.

2. Narcissus


These cheerful yellow flowers are a sure sign that spring has arrived. Their shiny, bobbing heads come in a variety of heights and shapes, including single and double flowers. The best also; Rodents do not like daffodils, so unlike other spring-blooming flowers, daffodils are less likely to be uprooted.

3. Tulip


The tulip, which is one of the most popular spring flowers, comes in many different color variations. For this reason, it is among the most preferred colors. But in order to see tulips in the spring, you need to plant them in the fall. In addition, tulips are long-lived flowers.

4. Primrose

spring flowers

These charming perennials are among the first to bloom in spring. Although they look fragile, they are actually extremely resistant to cold. There are hundreds of types of primroses, so you need to find one that can survive the winter in your area. This type of flower also tolerates partial sun.

5. Hyacinth

spring flowers

Among the most beautiful spring flowers, hyacinth is a flower whose bulbs are planted in autumn. Its flowers remain in late spring, even in summer. This is an unpretentious flower with a very pleasant aroma. For growth, he needs a place with open and fresh air. In addition, care should be taken as it is toxic to pets.

6. Dove

spring flowers

Its unusual flowers and delicate leaves make this perennial indispensable for the late spring garden. Available in many different exotic shapes and rich colors including pink, purple, coral and red. The dove flower thrives in partial sun.

7. Crocus


These cheerful flowers are among the first to appear in spring. Don’t be surprised if you find crocuses outside where you planted them, such as under bushes. This is because rodents love to dig them up and bury them elsewhere! Plant them in pots or under bulbs that rodents usually ignore, such as hyacinths and daffodils. If you want them to bloom in the spring, you need to plant them in the fall. Also, crocuses need full sun to thrive.

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