As complex beings, we like to feel a spiritual connection with our world and with other people. We have been using sacred symbols for thousands of years to reflect and satisfy these spiritual needs. These spiritual symbols are the product of people, reflecting their ideas about the meaning of life and the structure of the universe. Spiritual symbols such as the ankh or yin-yang are known all over the world. So what are these universal symbols?

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What are spiritual symbols?

Prehistoric people developed the first spiritual symbols to convey what was important to them. The search for a symbol that personifies the soul has given rise to many different images. These symbols were used to convey concepts of life, death and the universal truths of existence. These symbols are said to reach the human subconscious in a way that is difficult to explain. People say they are drawn to one or more symbols.

Visual stimuli can relax you or help you connect with spiritual forces in a meaningful way. As society developed, spiritual leaders developed their ideas about the meaning of life and death and everyday things such as fertility and protection from evil. Various cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Buddhists and Hindus expressed their philosophies in symbols that people could easily recognize and encouraged them to think about their place in the universe.

Why are spiritual symbols important?

spiritual symbols

The main reason humanity is interested in spiritual symbols is because they believe that spiritual symbols are the gateway to the universe, sacred and spiritual. A symbol can succeed in this enormous task by providing a concise and fruitful medium for conveying a complex idea.

What spiritual symbols add to us:

  • This allows you to focus on the universe or the sacred and supports your prayers.
  • It promotes well-being by enhancing your understanding of your body’s physical relationship with the universe.
  • He introduces you to philosophies that expand your spiritual being.
  • It answers questions that science has not sufficiently explored or cannot answer.
  • It connects you to the ancient past.

Now let’s look at the meanings of spiritual symbols and how they are used.



Hamsa, which means five in Arabic, is a universal sign of protection. This symbol is represented by an open right hand with an eye in the middle. It is also known in the Middle East and North Africa as the Hand of Fatima and the Hand of Miriam, respectively. The purpose of this symbol, which has been used by many societies throughout history; It is meant to remove the evil look called “evil eyes” which is said to cause negative energy, bad luck, sickness and even death. This symbol is used in many religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

You can use this symbol by attaching it to your house, car or key chain. However, the direction of the hand is important. The upward pointing fingers protect against harmful thoughts, both from oneself and from others. Downward fingers connect you to goodness, abundance and abundance.

flower of Life

spiritual symbols

The flower of life that immediately comes to mind when sacred geometry is mentioned is made up of overlapping geometric circles. This symbol indicates the deep connection of human life. This is one of the most common symbols of sacred geometry, dating back to various cultures of human civilization. Some say that it has existed since the time of the Sumerians (the first civilization on earth). When you look at the symbol, you will see 7 overlapping symbols representing patterns of creation. All intertwined rings in the symbol have their own meaning and can be associated with various situations that define mathematics, medicine, and even music. The flower of life is also one of the most famous healing symbols.

Place a picture of this symbol in a place where you will see it often. The flower of life will remind you that you can overcome adversity.

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Yin Yang

Yin Yang

Among the most common spiritual symbols, yin-yang means that life and the universe are built on opposites. The two halves of the ball represent the male and female energies that exist in the world, and also represent the fact that everything in the universe has an equally powerful energy. It acts as a reminder of the law of balance and represents the harmony of duality. Yin Yang says; everything needs balance, whether it is dark or light, knowledge or ignorance, male or female. Through this symbol of duality, which is widely used throughout Chinese culture, the teachings restore peace and solace to the universe.

Place the image of the symbol where you can see it, or wear it as a piece of jewelry to maintain balance. When you feel like you’re off balance, think about yin-yang to orient yourself to recognize that everything has an opposing force.



Among the mystical symbols, the ankh is a symbol dating back to the Egyptian civilization and personifying the rebirth of life with the help of water. The ancient Egyptian symbol, the ankh, meant life, but its symbolism has a broader meaning, including immortality. It is ritually associated with death, but only in the sense that death is a transition from life to life. The symbol can also be interpreted as a combination of male and female anatomy; In this sense, it symbolizes sexual pleasure and fertility.

The ankh is often worn as a necklace or earring. The symbol helps you to be aware of the spiritual extensions of life, such as reproduction and connection with the world of the dead.



Many people are familiar with this sacred symbol due to its widespread use in various cultures. This symbol represents the original sound of creation, the repetition of which can help you connect with divine energy. The power of this symbol is limitless as it can help you open your third eye. Therefore, it is among the most famous chakra symbols. The Om symbol spans the past, present and future and aims to connect you to the framework of all time, which is inherently divine.

In a meditative state, it is necessary to repeatedly pronounce the name of this symbol. Focus on saying the entire word. The sound A starts at the back of the throat. The sound “U” moves in the upper part of the mouth, and the sound “M” vibrates on the lips.


spiritual symbols

Since the literal meaning of the word mandala is “circle”, a mandala is represented by several geometric shapes enclosed in a circle. It represents the universe and the laws of nature. It is also a useful tool for meditation, and the epicenter helps you focus and increases focus. The mandala symbol comes from Tibetan Buddhism and is used here as a means of worship. A few Buddhists draw the intricate symbols of the mandala and destroy it when completed. This act of destruction is associated with the mortality of human life.

Look at the mandala and trace its lines towards the center. This app improves your ability to concentrate and helps you overcome pain to achieve happiness.

The tree of Life

spiritual symbols

The symbolization of the tree of life, which is one of the spiritual symbols, can be perceived differently depending on different religions. The tree of life represents connection, creation and unity. It’s also a reminder that not everything is visible because the roots are almost as wide as the top of the tree. The tree of life, symbolized by the natural tree, honors diversity and celebrates common origin. In Christianity, it is believed that this is the tree from which Adam and Eve harvested the forbidden fruit, and in some other cultures, it establishes a connection between the four earthly elements (earth, wind, air and fire).

This symbol appears on everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs. Wherever you place it, when you look at it, think about your connection to the natural world. Try to understand the complex connections between living beings.

Wheel of Dharma

spiritual symbols

Among the symbols of meditation, the 8 rays of the wheel of dharma represent the 8 paths of enlightenment that can help you reach nirvana. This is one of the oldest Buddhist symbols, reflecting the wisdom of the Buddhist tradition. Each branch of the Dharma wheel represents a specific teaching: right living, right speech, right intention, right action, right effort, right concentration, right mindfulness, and right view.

The Wheel of Dharma is often used in yoga postures. You can also use this symbol as a meditation guide to expand your consciousness and clarify your intentions.



Behind the simplicity of the spiral symbol lies its powerful creative power. Its outward expansion from a single point in the center represents life, growth and expansion of awareness. In many traditions, the spiral specifically denotes the uterus. It appears in ancient stone carvings and rock paintings of man.

If you want to take a step towards fertility, wear or display this symbol to invite creative forces into your life. This symbol can also be used as a guide during your developmental difficulties.


spiritual symbols

Indians greet with both hands together. Traditionally, the word “namaste” is a combination of two words: namah and aste. Namah means “I bow to you” and aste means “let it be”. This is a very powerful spiritual practice for yogis all over the world. This literally translates the message: The Divine in me honors the Divine in you. This means that the person who says “namaste” believes in a divine spark that is in everything and everything.

You can practice the Namaste recitation, which develops a strange feeling of grace and humility in a person.

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