This morning at 04:17 a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit Kahramanmaras. This catastrophe, which affected more than 10 provinces, was on the agenda not only in Turkey, but also in the world. The earthquake that occurred in Pazardzhik seriously affected Kahramanmarash, Gaziantep, Sivas, Hatay, Sanliurfa, Mersin, Samsun and Trabzon. After an earthquake of magnitude 7.7, a second earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred. Search and rescue operations continue at full speed. Currently, 1,498 people are known to have died. While Turkey was experiencing such a great calamity, statements appeared in the world press. While thousands of social media users at home and abroad conveyed their good wishes to our people, unfortunately, some foreign users did not hesitate to spread hate speech. Here are those posts:

one. “Turkey helps Russia bypass trade restrictions by supplying vital parts for the production of missiles, and at the same time prevents Sweden from joining NATO”

2. “Turkey should let Sweden join NATO before asking for any help”

3. “Give all the help. But avoid offering easy immigration from Turkey to Western Europe. It will be more deadly than an earthquake.”

4. “It’s time to make a military coup or attack Turkey, it’s time to save Cyprus from Turkish and Mediterranean oil reserves! It’s time to teach Turkey a lesson and deport all Muslim refugees to Turkey. It’s time to take Cyprus to the Greeks.”

5. “Why are we helping a hostile country?”

6. “I think karma does exist. Turkey is paying the price for the genocide it has committed against stray dogs over the past 2 years. I hope the dogs and cats are all right.”

7. “This is a cursed land, the blood of Holocaust victims seeps into the ground.

8. “They deserve it”

9. “God says…”

10. “…God ​​is warning politicians by sending this earthquake, killing and injuring thousands of people. And people, fear Allah..!!

11. “What a disgusting country”

12. “It is a pity that poor quality restoration damaged part of the original castle. But wait, the Turkish flag is no longer flying, that’s a plus.”

13. “It’s good that the Turkish flag is no more”

14. “Perhaps now they value human life and do not operate as a terrorist state.”

15. “Hope Turkish Gangs Go to Hell”

Earthquake victims say: Snow continues, cold, we have no food, we are in a very difficult situation

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake that devastated Turkey was also felt in Greenland

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