One of the most important issues on the agenda in our country recently is the presidential election, which will be held on May 14. Current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Republican People’s Party chairman and National Alliance presidential candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Hometown Party chairman Muharrem Ince and ATA Alliance presidential candidate Sinan Ogan are the names that will run in the presidential election. Millions of citizens are eagerly awaiting an answer to the question of who will become the new president of Turkey. However, on May 14, only these four names will not compete. In order for the parliamentary elections to take place simultaneously, dozens of candidates from all over Turkey will strive to become members of parliament and enter the Turkish Grand National Assembly. But it is not yet clear which names voters will fight for to win the right to vote. After the assessment of political parties, the names that will compete for seats in parliament will also be determined. However, after the upcoming elections, we may face the most motley gathering in recent memory. Because many well-known names, known to the general public, also applied for nomination as candidates for deputies. Here are some of these famous names.

Kandan Erchetin

Renowned musician Kandan Ercetin is one of more than 3,500 people who have applied to the Republican People’s Party as an MP candidate. It is alleged that the popular singer has applied for nomination as a candidate for MP from Kirklareli. In other words, if Ercetin is nominated and elected as a candidate for deputy from the Republican People’s Party, in the next term he will be a deputy from Kirklareli.

Onur Akin

Onur Akın, one of the influential names in original music, is also one of those who want to enter parliament from the ranks of the Republican People’s Party. Akın recently went to CHP headquarters and applied for a nomination as an MP candidate. The provinces that the famous singer prefers for her constituency are Izmir, Istanbul and Muğla.

Filiz Touchbash

Another well-known person who has applied to the Republican People’s Party as a parliamentary candidate is actress Filiz Tachbash. Process “I am embarking on a mission where I will be a comrade for my country and my people. I applied for the candidacy of the deputy of the Izmir Thermal Power Plant of the 2nd region. I will continue my path in accordance with the principles and reforms of Atatürk. Sincerely.Tacbash, who shared his words with the following words, will seek the votes of the citizens of Izmir if the CHP nominates them.

Kerem Storm


Kerem Firtyna, known for the TV series “Kurtlar Vadisi”, announced that he is a candidate for deputy from the Left Green Party.

Mehmet Aslantoug


Actor Mehmet Aslantuğ is one of the well-known names who applied for the nomination as an MP candidate. Aslantugh’s choice fell on the Turkish Workers’ Party (TIP). Erkan Baş, President of TİP, explained Aslantoug’s nomination process.We always remember him with gratitude, not only for his unforgettable roles, but also for his courageous defense of Ahmet Kay, who was subjected to a planned provocation. I sincerely thank Mehmet Aslantuğ, who gave us strength by accepting our candidacy proposal.” announced from his words.

Serhat Ozcan


Serhat Ozcan, who has appeared in many Turkish television and film productions, is also one of the celebrities who have decided to join politics from the ranks of TİP, as is Mehmet Aslantuğ.

Elias Salman


Famous actor Ilyas Salman is known for his frequent abrupt rises to power. Known for his opposition identity, the actor announced that he was a candidate for the Istanbul Communist Party in the May 14 elections. In the video where he announced his candidacy, Salman said:I promise I’ll be the people’s jester, not a sycophant at court. used phrases.

Gohan Zan


Famous names who decided to try their luck at the parliamentary elections on May 14, not only from the world of cinema and music. Some names will compete to move from the green fields to the council corridors. The famous former footballer Gokhan Zan is one of them. Zan, who appeared on the agenda with his appeals for help specifically for Hatay after the earthquakes in Kahramanmarash, became a candidate for MPs from the IYI party.

Unal Karaman


Ünal Karaman, one of the prominent Greenfield figures, is also one of those who chose to start his political career in the IYI party. A well-known technical specialist applied for the IYI Party Konya MP candidate nomination.

Ibrahim Tatlises


Singer Ibrahim Tatlises, known for his closeness to the AKP, will again seek to become an MP for the AKP of Sanlıurfa. However, he must first be nominated by his party. Tatlıses applied as a deputy candidate for Şanlıurfa in previous elections, but was not nominated by his party.

Davut Guloglu


Singer Davut Guloglu, who was hugely popular for a while but has disappeared in recent years, has announced that he is an MP candidate for the Welfare Party, which recently joined the People’s Alliance.

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