In South Korea, cities will conduct weekly sewage testing to monitor Covid-19.

The South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDA) has announced that wastewater will enable a more sustainable and low-cost method for monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.

The statement indicated that sewage testing could detect outbreaks other than COVID-19.

In this context, it is noted that testing will be carried out at least once a week at 64 water disposal units in major cities of the country.

“We believe sewage testing will be a more effective way to track an outbreak,” said Lee Sang Won, director of epidemics at the KCDA. said.

South Korea has carried out extensive testing for COVID-19 as part of its epidemic control and has put in place strict measures such as curfews, masks and social distancing to prevent transmission. Also, from the beginning of 2022, measures to combat COVID-19 are gradually canceled in the country.

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