North Korea, which provoked a reaction around the world with its ballistic missile tests, reacted harshly to the United States.

North Korean state media announced that the shooting down of any of the tested missiles by the United States would be considered a declaration of war.

As joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises in the region and North Korean missile tests escalated tensions on the Korean peninsula, Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, issued a statement to USA. The warning sounded like a threat

Defending the fact that the South Korean press published a report that “the commander of the US forces in the Indo-Pacific region said that if an ICBM was launched into the Pacific, they would be shot immediately,” Kim said, “Is such inappropriate words really said to clarify the position of the US military, or the stereotypes of the puppet media? I don’t know if this was nothing more than a pun, but whether it’s true or not, I warn you in advance. “The Pacific Ocean does not belong to the sovereignty of the United States or Japan,” he said.

Warning: “A military response by the United States, such as interfering with our strategic weapons tests conducted in free waters and airs that are not under their jurisdiction, without prejudice to the security of neighboring countries, will be considered a clear declaration of war. “and they are ready to respond with an overwhelming majority.”


It was announced that the US and South Korea would conduct a joint exercise in the region called “Freedom Shield” March 13-23, and it was said that North Korea could conduct a new ballistic missile test in retaliation for the exercise. It is noteworthy that Kim’s statement was made immediately before the exercises.

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