Footage of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the city of Mariupol, one of the important centers of Ukrainian resistance, was released over the weekend. This Ukrainian city, which was of decisive importance during the Ukrainian-Russian war, was occupied by Russia during the war, and in subsequent periods, Russian troops took full control of the city. On the other hand, this is the first visit of a Russian leader to the war-torn regions. Therefore, it has great symbolic significance. However, there is a much more interesting topic on the agenda of this important visit. According to Ukrainian officials, Vladimir Putin never came to the city! Ukrainian intelligence agencies claim that the man who visited Mariupol was Putin’s doppelgänger. Let’s look at the details together.

Photos of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the city of Mariupol were published last Saturday.

While the images were only recently released to the world community, it is not known when the Russian leader visited the city. However, it is alleged that Putin was in Crimea at the time of publication of the pictures.

The visit is very important from a symbolic point of view.

Vladimir Putin

Because the city was one of the important centers of Ukrainian resistance. However, Russian troops managed to take the city under their control.

Putin’s visit to Mariupol caused a strong reaction in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin

The message of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine says that Putin preferred night hours for his visit.The thief comes at night” used the phrase. Mykhailo Podolyak, one of the senior advisers to President Zelensky of Ukraine, said:The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.” is estimated from his words. On the other hand, this important visit caused a lot of discussion.

In footage released by Russia during Putin’s visit, a man said, “It’s all show here!” a cry is heard

It is known that after the removal of the relevant section, the video was published again. However, there are much more interesting situations that arise when visiting.

Ukrainian security services claim man who visited Mariupol is Putin’s doppelgänger

Vladimir Putin

When images of Putin in Mariupol are juxtaposed with images taken from a speech he gave in Moscow on February 21, the difference in the structure of the Russian leader’s chin comes to mind. Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for Ukrainian military intelligence, said in a statement on the matter:Someone who looks like Putin has been to Mariupol.” he uses.

Allegations that Putin used tricks were also on the agenda at the start of the Ukrainian-Russian war.

Vladimir Putin

However, these claims have never been proven. Kirill Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence, has reiterated in recent months that the Russian leader used tricks “to reduce the risk of assassination.”

According to Kirill Budanov, Vladimir Putin uses at least three people who look like him.

Vladimir Putin

Claiming that the stuntmen got plastic surgery to look like Putin, Budanov says they don’t know how many stuntmen Putin actually has.

The most important thing that gives stuntmen away is their height.

However, according to Kirill Budanov, you need to look at gestures, body language and earlobes to understand which Putin is real. Because these factors are individual for each person.

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