In the 15th week of the Spor Toto 1st League, the well-established Izmir football clubs Göztepe and Altay faced each other. Many football fans were hoping to witness good football and fierce competition on the field in the Izmir derby. However, the match was marked by violence between supporters of both teams. Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadium almost turned into a battlefield! After the events, the match was postponed and 21 people were arrested. Here are the details of the eventful Göztepe-Altay derby…

The 15th week of the Sportoto First League saw the battle of Göztepe-Altay

However, the violence in Göztepe Gursel Axel Stadium was marked by unprecedented violent incidents in the recent period. The match was stopped due to the incidents that occurred between the fans of the two teams.

Fireworks were launched from the section with Altay supporters on the side of Göztepe supporters!


At the 19th minute of the Göztepe-Altay battle, an object, which was considered a luminous torch, was thrown from the Altay stands into the Göztepe stands. Moreover, one of Göztepe’s fans got injured. The injured Muayyid Göztepe was taken to hospital by an ambulance that entered the square. He stated that the supporter who was injured in the face was taken to surgery. Unfortunately, this was not the only violent incident in the Göztepe-Altay derby …

A Göztepe fan entered the stadium during a match stoppage and attacked Altay Ozan goalkeeper Efrem Ozenc.

The fans, who attacked the goalkeeper with the corner post, caused Osing to hit him in the head. He stated that the goalkeeper who was treated was not life threatening. Supporters who attacked Ozinches were detained by security forces in the square.

The Göztepe-Altay derby has been suspended due to the events

At the request of the match referee Emre Kargin, the players of both teams went to the dressing room. After about 25 minutes it was announced that the match had been suspended…

Altay players were kept at Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadium for 4.5 hours as part of security measures.

After a long wait, the players left the stadium in police minibuses.

21 people were arrested in the eventful derby


Among the 21 people who were taken into custody, there was also the one who attacked the Altay goalkeeper Ozan Efrem Ozenk. However, the Altay side were not allowed to leave the stadium in order to identify the person who set off the flares in the stands of Göztepe. Fans waited in the stadium for 6 hours. Altay supporters left the stadium after 6 hours under police surveillance.

It was understood that smoke bombs and flares were brought in by the ambulance drivers on duty at the stadium.


In the statement made by the Governor of Izmir, “In camera detection studies, it has been observed that ambulance drivers entered the toilets where the guest rostrum is located with two backpacks back and then made extensive phone calls.Data included.

Izmir Governor Yavuz Selim Kosger, who came to Gursel Akcel Stadium after the eventful derby, made statements with Göztepe Sports Club Board Member and former President Mehmet Sebil and Altay Sports Club President Ayhan Dundar.


Koçer stated that the events in Izmir were events that did not fit the point that Turkish sports had reached. In addition, Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu expressed his condemnation of the events. Kasapoğlu on his Twitter account,”I condemn the on-field and on-field events during the struggle of the two Izmir teams in the first Sportoto League. We will not let those who want to drown sport in their ugliness.made a statement.

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