Nothing more than romantic films! However, it is not enough just to have a good script to be one of the best couples in the history of cinema. Energy, harmony, wholeness… It would not be a mistake to say that these couples complement each other in every sense. Here are the best and most spectacular couples in the history of cinema, chosen by the audience.

7. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

The duet of Hermione and Ron was undoubtedly one of the best couples in the history of cinema. Their love was natural and gradual. Definitely not the cliché of love at first sight. At first they didn’t even like each other. Opposites attracted to each other and Ron and Hermione took their place at number 7 on our list.

Audience comment: Harry Potter is not a series full of romance, but the romantic scenes that the author puts together and makes readers wait patiently are truly incredible. What makes this couple so special is that their love story spans 7 years, not the fake 7 years, but the real 7 years spent with the actors in the film. It gave realism to their love.”

6. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean)


Will and Elizabeth’s relationship is a little different than others. They first met when Elizabeth found Will swimming in the open sea. Love stories have never been simple. At every turn, they encountered difficulties in trying to separate them. But they overcame all obstacles and proved that their love is strong and durable.

Audience comment: “Every time I think about them, I want to cry because of all the cruelty and injustice they went through. They are so beautiful together. They fought hard to protect each other. All they wanted was to be together. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have created amazing characters! I hate the ending! Disney, bring them back and fix everything!”

Audience comment: “Will and Elizabeth stayed together despite what they went through. Elizabeth was ready to wait 10 years for him! From childhood to adulthood. They were true. Elizabeth defied society to be with Will. Wonderful!”

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5. Peter Parker and MJ (Spider-Man: Far From Home)


Peter and MJ’s relationship can be described as awkward, but still sweet. This is actually quite logical, because the characters are young. Despite many difficulties and disappointments, they supported each other. They both grew up together.

Audience comment: “It makes me really happy. They had some good moments. MJ has always been there for Peter and supported him. His acceptance of the “life” that comes with Spider-Man also created that iconic couple feeling we know from the comics.”

4. John and Jane (Mr and Mrs Smith)


Despite the fact that the main characters have a tumultuous relationship and have to go to marriage counseling, the chemistry between them still impresses viewers. The characters of this couple are very different, but this saves the story from monotony.

Audience comment: “I was young when I saw the movie and I didn’t see either of them anywhere, and I didn’t even know their names. But I knew they looked great together.”

3. Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle (First love, first dance)


Take two amazing people like Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze, throw in some hot dance moves and create a movie to remember forever!

Audience comment: “First Love First Dance is the definition of chemistry between actors.

Audience comment: “Romantic and realistic story. Jennifer Gray is not your typical “beautiful” protagonist. The main theme of classism is really a game changer for me. Whoever you are, the whole movie seems to be talking to you.”

2. Gomez and Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

Gomez and Morticia are one of the most romantic couples in television history. A love story in a gothic atmosphere makes the audience rejoice and laugh at the same time. Their love is strong and they are incredibly loyal to each other. They also know how to communicate well with each other, which makes their relationship even stronger.

Audience comment: “Let’s be real here. These two were great together, and ever since I saw their films, I wanted the perfect relationship, although not as gaudy as theirs. They just suit each other so well.”

Audience comment: “I won’t settle for anything less than a man like Gomez Addams.”

1. Sebastian and Mia (La La Land)


We come to the best couple in the history of cinema! Sebastian and Mia’s relationship is one of the most mature love stories ever. That’s why so many people consider them one of the best couples. Both characters are fond of music. They both create space to pursue their passions and cheer each other on. The movie ended a little sourly, but that’s what makes the relationship so exciting.

Audience comment: “The final scene made their relationship in the film a little more interesting and heartbreaking. God, I love La La Land.”

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