The story is full of passionate lovers and unforgettable loves, some of which are famous all over the world. In other words, from the very beginning of history, love has been a crucial concept for human life. However, it must be admitted that in our time love has been treated quite differently from its ideal form. But if you are a romantic who wants to believe in the existence of true love, you have nothing to worry about. Because true love; It’s not just something that exists in literary works or films. There are also couples on Earth who are symbols of true love, although they left this world about 6,000 years ago!

Excavations carried out in Italy in 2007 ended with a very interesting find. Italian archaeologists have discovered a tomb with skeletons of people who lived 6,000 years ago. Moreover, this tomb belonged to passionate lovers, whom even death could not separate! The couple, who hugged each other for 6000 years, was named “The Lovers of Valdaro” and became a symbol of true love…

In February 2007, a team of archaeologists led by Elena Menotti was excavating the village of Valdaro, near Mantua, Italy.

During the work, one of the most interesting archaeological discoveries in history was discovered: “Valdaro in Love”. The skeletons, which appear to have been buried 6,000 years ago, face each other with their bones intertwined, and their extremely well-preserved bones have attracted a lot of attention around the world. The Valdaro lovers became known as a 6,000-year-old symbol of undying love…

Elena Menotti, head of the team of archaeologists, called The Lovers of Valdaro “a truly special discovery.” Menotti is a discovery that surprises, excites countless people and even revives faith in love. “I participated in many excavations throughout Italy, but nothing excited me so much. I have been doing this job for 25 years. In Pompeii, I dug up all the known places. But I have never been so impressed, because this is the discovery of something really special.” He said.

As Menotti remarked, Valdaro’s Lovers was indeed a special discovery.

valdaro lovers

Because many human skeletons, which are thousands of years old, have been found in different parts of the world before. There were also skeletons of people buried nearby, although in smaller numbers. However, in tombs containing two different people, mothers were often found hugging their children, and children hugged by their mothers.

Archaeologists have found ancient lovers lying side by side, although there were far fewer of them. But only a couple in love with hugs can be a symbol of true love! In short, the Valdaro Lovers were not a couple that had been seen before. After this exciting discovery, some research was done to find out the history of the lovers.

Research has shown that the Lovers of Valdaro lived 6,000 years ago and were about 20 years old.

However, detailed information about their identity could not be obtained. Because in the area where the tomb is located, there were no signs of life 6000 years ago. According to scientists, the area where the tomb was discovered was not a settlement at that time. Therefore, no documents were found revealing the identity of the couple. For this reason, archaeologists have concluded that the couple was brought to this region after being transported from another region after their deaths.

According to scientists, the Valdaro Lovers didn’t die while embracing each other!

It was the people who buried them who decided what the couple would look like at their final resting place. On the other hand, the absence of any signs of life in the region leaves many questions about the couple unanswered. However, some research on the skeletons has allowed some theories to be developed as to why the couple was buried in this manner.

The investigation concluded that the man could have been killed by an arrow!

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Because a flint arrowhead was found on the neck of a skeleton that belonged to a man. So the male, one of the symbols of immortal love, was most likely killed! But how did the woman die? When scientists examined the skeleton of a woman, they again found flint knives … So, both lovers were victims of murder! But these finds could not answer the question why the couple died …

It is unknown why the Lovers of Valdaro were killed.

valdaro lovers

Moreover, it will probably never be known! Because we don’t have records from 6,000 years ago! But scientists have a rather interesting theory about why a woman was killed, if not a man!

Accordingly, a person dies from an arrow from which we will never know where it came from and by whom it was sent. The woman, on the other hand, is sacrificed to accompany the soul of her lover! Of course, while not certain, this is the generally accepted story of the Valdaro Lovers…

The skeletons are now on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Mantua.

valdaro lovers

But don’t worry, the couple’s skeletons look the same as they did for 6,000 years. Because the archaeologists did not dare to separate the lovers who stood side by side for 6000 years, even for scientific research!

The couple’s grave was excavated, along with the earth block underneath, shortly after it was discovered, and so it has been placed in the museum. In other words, Valdaro’s Lovers continue to be a symbol of true love, as it has been for 6,000 years.

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