White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre made a statement about the Chinese social network TikTok.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said they were concerned about Chinese social media platform TikTok on the grounds that it collects data from Americans and that they believe the app could pose a potential threat to US national security.

Jean-Pierre answered the agenda items at the daily press conference.

Asked about China’s social media platform TikTok, Jean-Pierre said countries like China are concerned about digital technology apps that collect data from Americans. In this context, Jean-Pierre stated that TikTok could pose a potential threat to US national security and noted that they called on Congress to take action in this regard.

While stating that White House staff do not use TikTok, Jean-Pierre said: “It was very clear to us that TikTok was a problem.” used the phrase. Emphasizing that President Joe Biden has also expressed concern about this, Jean-Pierre said that millions of Americans use the TikTok app.

Reaction to TikTok Ban from China in the US: Abuse of State Power
Jean-Pierre declined to comment on whether TikTok would be banned in the United States, citing an ongoing review by the Treasury Department’s Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS).

Intelligence report on “Havana Syndrome”

When asked by US special forces about the conclusion that there is no connection between the mysterious cases of the disease known as “Havana syndrome” and xenophobes, Jean-Pierre replied that the Biden administration’s priority is the health of working personnel. .

Jean-Pierre answered the question whether people suffering from the syndrome would continue to receive additional financial support: “Yes, absolutely.” he replied. The spokesman stressed that people are indeed exhibiting these symptoms and that they will continue to receive the necessary treatment for this.

student amnesty

Jean-Pierre noted that Biden’s student loan amnesty, which involved more than 40 million people last year, was a good plan and provided up to $20,000 in aid to middle-class families.

As to what they would do if the Supreme Court found the amnesty unconstitutional, Jean-Pierre said they trusted the student amnesty plan they presented and would continue to fight on the issue.

Draft law on safety in railway transport

Jean-Pierre also noted that after the train derailment in Ohio, Democratic and Republican deputies in the Senate today were pleased with the bill containing additional rules and safety measures on the railroad, and supported the move.

Saying the bill includes items such as increasing maximum fines for breaking safety regulations and tightening regulations for dangerous goods trains, Jean-Pierre said: “This is a good move and we welcome it.” He said. In this context, the spokesman said they are calling on members of the two parties in Congress to work together.

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