The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has offered to sell a vaccine against COVID-19 to North Korea.

Pfizer has expanded its Reconciliation for a Healthier World project, which was launched to sell medicines and vaccines on a non-profit basis to 45 low-income countries, including North Korea.

It was noted that the project, which is expected to reach about 1.2 billion people, covers more than 500 medicines, including chemotherapy drugs and various antibiotics.

North Korea expert Peter Ward told NK News on the matter: “I predict it will be very expensive for North Koreans to buy large amounts of drugs and vaccines. Some they can only take in small amounts.” used his words.

North Korea may have doubts about buying medicines from a US company

Ward stated that Pfizer would want to announce any acquisitions because of its transparency policy, so North Korea would have strong reservations about buying drugs from a US company like Pfizer.

Experts say North Korea has the necessary infrastructure to store and distribute the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine across the country, but vaccines like Pfizer that require colder storage conditions could challenge the Pyongyang administration.

In May 2022, North Korea announced that anyone who steals or sells essentials on the black market will be sentenced to death.

North Korea has turned down many offers of vaccines and drugs throughout the epidemic.

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