Exactly 30 years ago, on January 24, 1993, one of the most famous names in the Turkish press, investigative writer and journalist Ugur Mumcu, died in a treacherous attack. Mumju was cut off from her beloved country, fans and readers by a car bomb in front of her house on Karla Sokak Street in Ankara. However, this heinous attack was directed not only against Uğur Mumcu, but also against the independent and bright future of Turkey, against millions of people in Turkey. Perhaps partly for this reason, it was never fully “lit”! Yes, the murder of one of the most courageous and honest journalists in Turkey during a treacherous assassination attempt in the capital of the country, of course, was talked about a lot. Frantic work has begun to uncover the incident, capture the perpetrators, instigators and planners! But speculation, gossip, claims, ideological conflicts and, of course, “bricks and walls” rose like black smoke over the murder of Mumku … After 30 years, it has not become clear who killed Mumku today. But everyone knows why he was killed …

Ugur Mumcu died exactly 30 years ago in a treacherous attack.

Uğur Mumcu died as a result of a bomb explosion planted in his car. This attack, which shocked Turkey, was just one of the attacks directed against the bright faces of the country. Defenders of freedom of thought such as Ahmet Taner Kishlaly, Muammer Aksoy, Çetin Emech and Bahriye Uçok were killed in treacherous attacks. Moreover, almost all of these murders had something in common, for example, “to remain unsolved” …

After the assassination of Ugur Mumcu, an operation called “UMUT” (Long Watch for Ugur Mumcu) was launched.

Many people were caught and detained as part of the operation. Some denied the allegations attributed to them. Some said they wanted to become confessors in order to take advantage of the “law of repentance.” Some claimed that their statements were taken “under torture” and that they had nothing to do with the murder. As part of Operation HOPE, many names were tried and many of them were acquitted. However, it was announced that the shooters who vilely killed Ugur Mumju were caught! However, the dark forces behind the attack were never revealed, could not be eliminated…

The conflicting statements of the two suspects who were caught on suspicion of conspiring to kill Uğur Mumçu, and the fact that they did not know each other, showed that Operation HOPE ended in a “fiasco”!

However, during the next process, two different people were caught who were allegedly the organizers of the attack. It was later established that the main criminal or criminals fled abroad or were kidnapped! In a word, the public has not found a satisfactory answer to the murder of Ugur Mumcu…

“The walls were erected, the bricks that had to be laid” were not delayed until the murder of Uğur Mumku was highlighted.


Allegedly, the then chief of police, Mehmet Agar, visited the Mumcu family after the horrific murder and they had a very interesting conversation with Uğur Mumcu’s wife, Güldal Mumcu, which contained very important clues as to why the murder could not be clarified. Guldal Mumcu told Agar that “as if a wall had been built before the investigation” and that “a brick had to be pulled out of the wall” to reveal the truth. Agar replied, “If I pull out the brick, the wall will collapse!”

In the following period, Mehmet Agar denied that such a conversation had taken place with Guldal Mumcu. However, even if this conversation never took place, the walls built before or even after the assassination of Uğur Mumču have not been demolished even today…

Ismet Sezgin, then interior minister, said it was “a debt of honor to the state” to cover the assassination.


Over the years, many claims have been made about the murder of Mumku and who was behind this murder. Many people allegedly involved in the murder were caught, many were released. Even the then Interior Minister, Ismet Sezgin, stated that it was the responsibility of the state to clarify the circumstances of the murder. However, the forces that killed Uğur Mumçu could not be uncovered, despite the passage of 30 years. The murder of Ugur Mumju could not be “find out” for 30 years.

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