It is well known that many twins are very similar physically. However, some twins in the world look almost the same. 36-year-old Australian sisters Anna and Lucy DeSink are impossible to tell apart! Because of these features, brothers and sisters are called “the most similar twins in the world.” But not only the incredible similarity makes their life interesting. Anna and Lucy also duplicate each other as characters! Let’s meet the most similar twins in the world…

Australian identical twins Anna and Lucy DeSinck made a name for themselves on reality television, first in their country and later in the United States.

The incredible similarity of brothers and sisters caused amazement on millions of screens. On the other hand, this similarity earned the twins the title of “the most similar twins in the world” …

Similarity isn’t the only thing that makes the world’s most similar twins special. The lives of brothers and sisters are exactly the same.

So much so that the brothers also spend together 24 hours a day! They fall asleep and wake up at the same time. They consume the same foods at the same rate every day. On the TV show they were on, they even announced that they went to the toilet and showered together! Expressing that they are very attached to each other, the twins say that they are unhappy and worried when they are apart.

Voices of Gemini live as one person


They say it may seem like an “obsession” to some people, but they want to live as single people and are already living as single people. However, the interesting life of the sisters Anna and Lucy DeSink is not limited to this!

Yes, the looks and everyday life of Australian twin brothers are exactly the same. However, it is impossible to separate the characters and worldview of the brothers! So much so that sisters Anna and Lucy DeSink are in love with a man named Ben Byrnes! So, just like the looks and lives of siblings, their lovers are the same!

The twins, who have been living with the same man since 2011, want to get pregnant and have children at the same time.


In fact, sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque and their fiancĂ© Ben Byrnes are planning to get married in a country where polygamy is legal. However, twin sisters express the desire to become pregnant and have children at the same time from the same man. Gemini believe that in this way their children will have “two mothers.”

However, their own mother thinks this is a bad idea and opposes the twins’ plan. Despite this, the most similar twins in the world are determined to experience the feeling of motherhood at the same time, as they share every moment and emotion of their lives.

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