Erzincan Republican People’s Party MP Mustafa Sarıgül issued a statement regarding the leaked meeting.

Following a leak of information about a meeting between Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and CHP staff, CHP deputy in Erzincan Mustafa Sarıgül sent a suggestive tweet.

The name of the most influential member of the CHP “change” discussion, Ekrem Imamoglu, the mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was leaked on Youtube as well as part of an online meeting hosted by CHP dignitaries.

The meeting was attended by such names as Imamoglu, Engin Altay, Onursal Adyguzel, Bulent Tezkan, Tekin Bingol, Muharrem Erkek, Gokhan Gunaydin, Ozgur Ozel.

In addition, it turned out that CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was aware of an attempt to call a party meeting for a meeting that was one of the items on the meeting’s agenda.

Sarıgül tweeted the following: “Do not hold back, make way for those who are walking. I no longer answer to those in my power. #Kemalkylychdaroglu”

Users of social networks hardly understood the message of the deputy of the CHP.

Sarigul had previously given the following “advice” to Imamoglu:

“(Imamoglu) should not make the same mistakes as Sarigyul. Sarigul acted in a hurry. For example, if I had not appeared in front of Baikal that day, but appeared after the congress, I would have lost by 40 votes. Here’s the thing: the mayor is elected for the first term, he is elected promising. If a second term is elected, he is elected by his actions. The third period is the crown. For this reason, our mayors should be elected for a second term and crown their success.”

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