Turkey this year, as in previous years, is under the influence of forest fires. These days, when the air temperature rises incredibly, unfortunately, fire news from different parts of our country comes at the same time. Kahramanmaras, Manisa and Antalya are among the cities that have witnessed terrible fires. The fire in Kahramanmaras is under control. However, despite intensive firefighting efforts in Manisa and Antalya, the flames are growing in both of our cities! Let’s look at the details together.

These days, when the air temperature rises, Turkey is again fighting forest fires, as in previous years.

Unfortunately, many days of fires in different parts of the country in recent years have led to the destruction of our large forest lands. These days, when the heat has gripped the whole of Turkey, we are again faced with a fire disaster…

In the past days, fires broke out in the forests of Manisa and Kahramanmarash. Not so long ago, news of a fire came from Antalya.

The forest fire in Kahramanmaras was brought under control after 17 hours of operation.

The fire, which started yesterday of unknown cause in a forested area in the Dulkadiroglou district of Kahramanmaras, was brought under control as a result of the work of many sprinkler, fire brigades and rapid response vehicles that are part of the Regional Forestry Directorate.

Reinforcement teams from the Gendarmerie, the Metropolitan Municipality, the Provincial Department of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, the forest departments of Adana, Sanliurfa, Hatay, Adiyaman and Yozgat also supported the firefighting efforts. Kahramanmarash Regional Forestry Director Yusuf Karat announced that after 17 hours of work, the fire was brought under control.

The fire in Kahramanmarash destroyed an area of ​​about 100 hectares.

It was reported that half of the area affected by the fire is forested areas, and half is agricultural land.

The fire that started yesterday at noon in the Sarukhanli district of Manisa has not yet been extinguished.


It is reported that the fire that started yesterday at about 13:00 in the Hatiplar district of the Sarukhanli district expanded in a short time under the influence of the wind, and many foresters were sent to this area. Due to the fire, which could not be brought under control during the first response, it was announced that many reinforcement groups had been sent to the region from Izmir and Balıkesir.

9 planes, 19 helicopters, 56 watering machines, 13 water supply vehicles, 5 construction vehicles and 5 ground crews are making great efforts to extinguish the fire in Manisa.

In addition, it is stated that 4 night vision helicopters continue to intervene in the fire, and with air lightening, other helicopters are also taking measures to intervene. Unfortunately, the fire has not yet been controlled. Especially since the fire already has a heavy score!

14 houses and 3 barns in the Hatiplar district were completely burned down, and 1 house was partially burnt down.

On the other hand, the areas of Chaltepe, Gokbel and Sarycham were evacuated as a precaution due to the rapidly spreading fire. It is alleged that the fire spread in two different directions under the influence of the wind.

However, it is alleged that the fire in the direction of Chaltepe-Gekbel was extinguished last night, but the fire in the Sarycham region could not be brought under control during the day. On the other hand, unfortunately, the fires in our country were not limited to Manisa and Kahramanmarash!

The Kas and Kemer regions of Antalya are also struggling with forest fires.


The fire, which for some unknown reason started in the reed area in the Gyol district of Kasha, soon began to threaten the settlements in the area.


Firefighters belonging to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Kaş Municipality respond to flames growing in the wind. However, this alarming fire, unfortunately, has not yet been brought under control. It is stated that since the place where the fire started is a swamp, it is difficult for the teams to intervene in the flames.

The flame rises in Kemer, one of the most important tourist regions of Antalya!


The fire started around 21.00 in a forested area on the side of the Kemer-Antalya highway in the Degirmendere district of Antalya, Kemer. The cause of the fire is currently unknown. However, it is claimed that due to strong winds in the region, the flames spread in a short time.

In addition to the teams associated with the Antalya Regional Forestry Department, reinforced firefighters from Antalya and Kumluca are also responding to the fire.


The fire, which started in an area with dense trees, intervened at night with more than 50 sprinklers, many water tanks, rapid response vehicles and more than 300 fire brigades. On the other hand, the people of the region are also supporting firefighting efforts. It is specified that 10 planes and 22 helicopters participated in extinguishing the fire with the first rays of the day.

Due to the fire, 10 households and the Kemeri State Hospital in the region were evacuated as a precautionary measure.


According to news from the region, 10 houses near the area where the fire continued were evacuated as a precautionary measure. In addition, most of the patients in the Kemeri State Hospital were discharged or transferred to other hospitals as a precautionary measure. Authorities report that the fire has destroyed 60 hectares of woodland as of the morning hours.

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