History is full of ruthless serial killers who killed many people in horrific ways. In addition to these serial killers, who entered the history of mankind with their cruelty, there are many more cases of serial murders, the mystery of which has not been clarified. Moreover, some of the horrific serial murders, the mystery of which cannot be solved, unfortunately happened in our country, in Istanbul! Severed legs that appeared in different parts of Istanbul in 2000 made many people think that we are dealing with one of the most feared people in Turkey, a ruthless serial killer. The murders committed by this horrendous villain have been dubbed the Leg Cut Murders…

Unfortunately, despite the past 22 years, not the slightest clue has been found either to the identity of the killer or to the mystery of the murders committed in a horrific way. Here’s what you need to know about the still-unsolved slit-leg murders perpetrated by Turkey’s first real serial killer, according to some…

The severed leg found in Istanbul Eminonu on the morning of January 8, 2000 became the most important agenda item in Turkey.

A severed leg found in a trash can near a historic spice bazaar has been a bombshell on the country’s agenda. During the examination, it turned out that the severed leg belonged to a young woman aged 26 to 30 years. However, it was found that the leg was amputated at most three days ago. On the other hand, there were other noteworthy moments in this incident that plunged the whole of Turkey into fear and bewilderment.

In this case, believed to be the first of the leg cut off murders, comments were made that the leg could have been amputated by a professional!

Because the leg was carefully cut off at the thigh and again perfectly separated from the body! So the killer or killers were most likely people with knowledge of anatomy …

A second amputated leg, also found in the Eminonu district of Istanbul on May 19, 2000, confirmed that Turkey was facing a serial killer!

leg amputation murders

The biggest piece of evidence of this horrific murder this time was a severed leg that was accidentally found on Eminonu Beach. This leg belonged to a woman aged 25-30. Just like the first leg found on January 8, it was clear that it belonged to a neglected person. However, it was found that the foot on the coast of Eminonu had previously been in salt water, and the blood from the foot was drained. For this reason, they did not know when the leg was amputated.

The severed leg murders were definitely committed by a serial killer!

After two amputated legs found in Eminonu, 8 more amputated legs were found in the subsequent period! Severed legs appeared on different days in different parts of Istanbul. However, the cases were largely similar. First, the way the legs were carved was pretty much the same.

In addition, the profiles of those killed were very close to each other. Nearly all of the victims were selected from among young women, who turned out to be well-groomed people. It was found that only one of the 8 severed legs belonged to a man. The killer or the remaining victims of the killers were all women.

Often the killer or killers who killed well-groomed young women left severed legs in easily recognizable places!

leg amputation murders

So there was no fear of being caught by the person or persons responsible for these horrific acts of murder! On the contrary, they wanted their actions to be noticed. For this reason, severed legs were found either in a garbage container, or at a bus stop, or in the school yard … Also, the criminal or criminals did not stop cutting the legs of the people they killed perfectly, i.e. , put your signatures.

The last of the amputated legs appeared in July 2001.

leg amputation murders

Severed legs were found in the Eminonu, Maltepe, Beyoglu, Unkapani and Eyup districts of Istanbul. For this reason, the security forces have concentrated their efforts in these regions to find the serial killer or killers.

All the technical and technological capabilities that the security forces had at that time were mobilized. In fact, a special unit was created within the police just to investigate murders with cut legs. However, all these efforts were in vain!

After 2001, not a single amputated leg was found in any district of Istanbul!

leg amputation murders

According to some experts, the massive media coverage of the leg-severed murders caused the killer to become scared and stop committing murders. However, the number of those who believed that the killer somehow continued to kill, but stopped leaving a trail, was also quite large …

Two years after the end of The Severed Leg Murders, American psychologist and forensic scientist Richard Walter described a serial killer!

leg amputation murders

According to a questionnaire created by an American expert, the killer turned out to be a 25-year-old man with prison experience who came to Istanbul to work. He also wanted the legs of the people he killed to be found, but he didn’t want the rest of their bodies to be found. The reason for this could be that the killer was ashamed of his actions with the bodies.

The killer, on the other hand, probably revisited the places where he destroyed the bodies “because he felt strong.” There were other meanings in the profile created by Richard Walter. However, these speculations did not contribute to the arrest of the killer.

Severed leg murders never solved

Only one of the legs found during the cut-off murders can be identified. One of the legs belonged to a young college student who was 21 years old when she was killed.

However, neither the remaining victims of this horrific serial murder case, nor the identity of the serial killer who caused great confusion and panic throughout Turkey, has ever been found. The leg cut off murders continue to be one of the most interesting, gruesome and mysterious serial killer cases in Turkey despite the past 22 years…

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