Former US President Donald Trump called dangerous the decision of Germany and the United States to send tanks to Ukraine.

Western countries, which have brought down weapons on Ukraine since February 24, 2022, when the war began, are implementing the most radical move since the Patriot air defense system. The occupying forces, which entered Ukraine on the orders of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to attack, have razed several cities to the ground in the past 11 months, but suffered a historic defeat.

The signal for the defeat of the Kremlin, which plans to seize Kyiv in a few days and bring a puppet administration to power in Ukraine, came in the first weeks.

The Russian invaders had to withdraw from Kyiv in April, with the closure of the northern front, the war on the eastern and southern fronts escalated. After many months of shelling, Russian troops were able to capture the port city of Mariupol, and in the east almost all of Donetsk and Luhansk were occupied. However, the weapons that arrived in Ukraine in June drastically changed the balance.

The arrival of the HIMARS long-range multiple launch rocket system in Ukraine first stopped the advance of the Russian invaders, then a counterattack was carried out.

Acting at the end of summer, for the first time in several days, the Ukrainian troops cleared the country’s second largest city of Kharkov from Russian invaders with a lightning-fast raid. The victory in Kharkov, located near the Russian border, raised eyebrows around the world.

The Ukrainians, as expected in the fall, headed south to Kherson. When the Russians were cornered by the destruction of the bridges connecting Kherson and the Crimean peninsula to HIMARS, Putin had to make his most awkward move in the war. Russian troops, retreating from Kherson, also lost the only regional capital that they managed to capture.

The Russian army, which has been firing rockets at Ukraine’s critical infrastructure since early October, is now trying to capture Bakhmut in the Donbas. In September 2022, Russian leader Putin, forced to declare his months-delayed mobilization decision “partial,” finally replaced the occupying commander to get rid of the Ukrainian swamp, and Valery Gerasimov was appointed Chief of the General Staff. commander of troops in Ukraine.

The Western countries, which had been supplying weapons to Ukraine since the beginning of the occupation, changed the scale of the war step by step. In the first months of the occupation, Ukraine used thousands of Javelin and Nlaw anti-tank missiles, as well as Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles purchased from Turkey.

Long-range missiles HIMARS, M270 and M777 were then launched to the front. Russian anti-missile air defense systems S-300, IRIS-T, NASAMS, Starstreaks and, finally, Patriots landed on the field.

January 2023 had to wait for modern tanks, which Ukraine, which was preparing for a new offensive in the spring, had been demanding from Western countries for months. Under intense pressure, Germany has long resisted sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. With green light signals coming from Berlin since the weekend, the Wall Street Journal published news that turned the agenda Tuesday night.

While all these events were taking place, a very controversial statement was made by former US President Donald Trump. Trump has criticized aggressive Western support for Ukraine against Russia.

In continuation of his statements, Trump said that if the course continues in this way, the world will face a nuclear war.

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