It turned out that former US President Donald Trump did not pay any taxes in 2020.

The relevant committee of the US House of Representatives shared with the public the tax records of former President Donald Trump for 6 years.

According to a 2015 and 2020 House report, Trump paid little or no taxes during those years due to business losses.

The report also revealed that Trump did not conduct mandatory background checks in the last 2 years of his presidency. Members of the House Roads and Facilities Committee said Trump was abusing his presidency.


It is a tradition for every political party to have a House committee chairman check tax returns. However, Trump refused to pass this test during the last three years of his presidency.

Trump said that after the release of his tax returns, the political division in the United States will deepen, and the former president said that the Democrats use everything as a weapon against him.

Since the new year, the majority in the House of Representatives will go to the Republicans. For this reason, it is notable that the reports were announced shortly before the change.

Donald Trump announced last month that he would run for president in the 2024 presidential election.

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