On the third day of the great earthquake, social media users continue to share information and help to citizens under the rubble. The power of social networks in studying earthquakes is evident! While much help continued to gather through search and rescue efforts and social media in the aftermath of the earthquake, citizens began having trouble accessing Twitter on February 8 at 4:00 pm. While the tweets sent from the quake area and from the rubble via Twitter are vital, has the app been banned? So what is the reason for such slowness, twitter collapsed? Is the problem with access global? Let’s take a look at the answer to the question the townspeople are asking after slow access!

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Twitter is down?

Citizens began having trouble accessing Twitter on February 8 at 4:00 pm, the third day of the great earthquake. While people were wondering if the problem was global, journalist Cuneyt Özdemir reported that BTK had disabled access to Twitter in Turkey.

Access to Twitter was banned by BTK


Issues in the social media app are investigated according to user information and reports in Downdetector, which shows internet crashes and outages. But according to the latest information, there is no global problem on Twitter. Although many citizens who want to enter the application have access problems, it became known that the problem is only with Turkey, and the access ban began.

How long will the access restriction be in effect?

After a state of emergency was declared in the country on Tuesday, February 7, citizens began to experience problems accessing Twitter today. Regarding the problem of accessing Twitter across the country, some citizens have said that they have solved the problem with a VPN. After these events, the most curious question is: “Is there a group limit on Twitter?” there was a question. Journalist Cuneyt Özdemir told the audience live about the earthquake on Youtube that he had a meeting with the authorities at the Communications Department and that BTK interfered with Twitter and TikTok.

On the other hand, a report published by Netblocks states that Twitter is restricted in Turkey.


A report released by Netblocks about issues when logging into the Twitter app states that Twitter is restricted in Turkey. Filtering is reportedly being applied to large ISPs. Here’s how social media reacted to the Twitter restrictions.













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