Rap music has been very popular all over the world lately. In fact, some of the leading names in rap music have a wide audience and fan base. However, the recent popularity of rap music is leading to a significant increase in the number of performers as well as the number of listeners of this genre. Listeners of rap music all over the world meet a new rapper almost every day. There is a name quite unlike any of his peers in the fiercely competitive rap music industry: Tommy Cash. However, the difference between the Estonian rapper is not in his concerts or in the field of music, but in the strange clothes he wears and in his unusual sense of fashion.

Some people call Cash the “fashion provocateur”! With a huge fan base around the world, Cash continues his career as an extraordinary, provocative and unpredictable style icon, not as a rap singer! Here’s what you need to know about Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, who stands out for his unusual clothing style.

Tommy Cash was born in Estonia in 1991.

As a child, he was fond of painting, and in his youth, graffiti. In the following years, he became interested in various types of dance in hip-hop culture, especially breakdancing, and became famous in this area. However, he will show his true success in the music scene.

He entered the rap music market with an album released in 2014.

The album “Euroz Dollaz Yeniz”, which he recorded in 2014, made the young rapper popular among rap music listeners, especially in Eastern Europe. However, his music with elements of the post-Soviet artistic aesthetics of the East, his humorous criticism of Western values, his bold video clips and obscene words will open the door for Cash to international fame.

His album ¥€$, which he released in 2018, was appreciated by music lovers.

Tommy Cash

In the subsequent period, the clips of the Estonian rapper also became very popular. Slang, nudity and sexuality were the main elements of these clips. So much so that Cash didn’t seem to have a clip that didn’t include a “this video may not be suitable for some users” warning. All of this was the first indication of the “concept artist” profile that the rapper would fully embrace in the future.

Tommy Cash has been on the agenda lately with his extraordinary fashion sense and amazing costumes, not his rap music.

Tommy Cash

He occasionally takes part in the events he attends wearing a nude and muscular human costume. Sometimes he appears on the red carpet as a “dinner table” and sometimes as a “bed”! Yes, you read that right, sometimes as a dining table and sometimes as a bed, it appears on the red carpet!

Some call the Estonian rapper a “fashion provocateur”.

Cash, who has appeared in front of people in fashion weeks rather than the music scene in recent years, has also made a name for himself through collaborations with designers like Rick Owens. He opens exhibitions with unusual works of art and closely follows his special contribution to the world of fashion.

Interested in many areas of art, Cash continues to be a conceptual artist who is enthusiastic with some and too provocative with others.

Here are some of the Estonian rapper’s unusual costumes that have rocked the fashion world.



Tommy Cash


Tommy Cash


Tommy Cash


Tommy Cash


Tommy Cash


Tommy Cash




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